Day 1: January 1st

Today is National Hangover Day!

I knocked that one out of the park! Last night (New Years Eve) my husband, James, and I polished off three bottles of wine, including one that was 15 years old. It was silty af and it was horrid to drink so I knocked it back as quickly as possible…. which had incredible results in the hangover department!

Awoke this morning, on National Hangover Day; mission accomplished.

The next phase of Celebrating Everyday …Literally was to drink  a Bloody Mary for today was National Bloody Mary Day too. I think it’s more of an American drink, in Canada people tend to drink Ceasers. I can’t decide which is more putrid… just plain tomato juice or tomato juice with clam brine in it.

I have never consumed either before. Whenever people around me do, which is quite often, I’m known to gag.
Composed of Tomato Juice, fresh squeezed lemon, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, Vodka, Salt & Pepper and garnished with a salted rim, lemon and celery stalk. This concoction is inexplicably, to me, quite popular.

The tomato and the lemon are supposedly cleansing and the vodka helps take the edge off from the night before.  The classic “Hair of the Dog” drink (this theory is based on the legend that if you put the hair of the dog that bit you in your wound, it would heal quicker and now hipsters and fratboys apply this rabies infested logic to boozing).

This doozy of a libation has been around since the 1920’s and I think whoever invented it was sick in the head but definitely never got scurvy.

If 2017 is going to be  about ‘facing your fears’ or doing something everyday that ‘scares you’, I can tick those boxes if nothing else.

Tomatos are the grossest,  let along all juiced up with booze thrown on top.

So I rimmed the glass with a lemon then seasoning salt, loaded it with ice and then generously poured in some lovely organic vodka. So far so good in the wanna-puke department.

I proceeded to crack the mini Heinz Tomato juice can and watch the thick,  blood-like liquid with the viscosity of sludge ooze out of the can into the glass.  I added some splashes of the required sauces and seasoning as well as an extra squeeze of lemon then bombs away!

Well not quite. I definitely deliberated and procrastinated for a while. I ransacked the house for a straw in hopes it would soften the blow of drinking such a putrid mixture. That was to no avail.

I bit the bullet and placed my lips on that salty rim and took my first sip.

It tasted exactly as I expected. Which was awful. But I could kinda see how it could be good if you really like sewage… I mean tomato juice. I’m sure its wonderful.

I proposed the drinks to both my dogs, Herman the English bulldog, and Duncan the deaf French Bulldog. The turned up their turned up noses. Herman having none of it

I drank as much as I could which involved adding a lot more vodka up until the point that I was unnecessarily buzzed for 11 am by myself (do dogs count tho?) and then called it quits about 2/3rds through.

Any way hope your New Years Day was as productive as mine – would love for others to partake in this project with me !!!
Tomorrow January 2nd is National Buffet Day, National Cream Puff Day, National Science Fiction Day, & National Thank God It’s Monday Day!

I would also like to know if there are any tricks to making Bloody Marys/Caesars more palatable or a tomato juice free alternative???




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