Day 12 – January 12th

So according The National Day calendar it is National Curried Chicken Day, National Marzipan Day and Pharmacist Day 

However I have since honed in a bit on a tribe of ‘holiday celebrators’ via Instagram and according to them it is National Kiss a Ginger Day & National Hot Tea Day

Now I am much more enthusiastic about these options- no senseless murder of animals, no figuring out what the fuck marzipan is and best of all, no bothering the strangers working at the drugstore trying to find a way to ‘celebrate’ them.

Is this cheating?

Who can say.

Sometimes the road less travelled is less travelled for a reason (Jerry Seinfeld)

So I chose the path most travelled.

Tea it is.

Tea of choice for me on this particular National Hot Tea Day was Chrysanthemum tea.

This particular tea was brought to me aaaaaaallllll the way from China by my bestest buddy Elliot. He is not one for gifts because he is an asshole, so this tea is especially meaningful.

I first got in to this type of tea though a while back, knowing it could help calm ones nerves. It actually has a boat load of healing properties – helping with digestion, respiratory tract, illnesses, its high in vitamins and minerals. Marvellous. It is really just a dried up flower. I’m not even sure if it counts as a tea the more I contemplate it. I’m going down a slippery slope here…

Anyway, I had a lovely cup after my practicum today. It was the perfect way to unwind. I totally zenned out in one cup, probably mostly thanks to the magical crystals I had laid about … and the river woodland sounds I have on repeat.

…it was definitely the power of the magic crystals though… I have a geologist room mate and she’s an expert on the matter….


I found out about Kiss a Ginger Day through my friend Kathleen (you may recall her gagging down an oyster earlier this week). She offered her services for a kiss in the name of the project however I found an alternative just lying around the apartment:

Today was great!

Positivity ! Look at me !!




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