Day 13 – January “Friday The” 13th

So January 13th was National Sticker Day, National Rubber Ducky Day, National Blame Someone Else Day, & National Peach Melba Day.

I was gifted an assortment of stickers for this particular day by a blog-supporting friend. I decided to put some letter ones on Duncan, spelling ‘Duncan’ and it was gonna be great. However as soon as the camera came out, he had a hearty face scratch and they flew off everywhere.

So plan B was to celebrate a little pride. I put some rainbow flag stickers on him. We started small

Then went for broke

Thanks Duncan. Everyday is a celebration when you’re around.

Then Duncan and I had a nice peruse around the neighbourhood taking in our favourite street art stickers

We both thought this was in keeping with blog content! Also in the background is a Elysium Coffee Shop. This sticker was definitely telling me something – get an almond cashew milk latte, it whispered, you’ll regret it and totally be out of synch with my philosophy.

We got a latte.

Then we saw this one

This one had a lot less meaning for us. Sometimes life is like that.

Then we had a strut around 4th avenue looking for peaches and rubber duckies.

We turned up empty pawed and empty handed, respectively.

I blame Obamacare for this, and in turn, more specifically, Obama himself. That took care of National Blame Someone Else Day.

Thanks Obama.

I didn’t let him stop me completely though.

Peach Melba is a grilled peach with vanilla ice cream and a raspberry coulis. En lieu of the dessert due to lack of peach sources (WHO INVENTED ALL THESE FRUIT HOLIDAYS IN THE DEAD OF WINTERS????????) (…probably Obama *eye roll*), I made a cocktail that I will graciously share with the internet.

You will need

  • 2 oz peach juice
  • 1/2 oz raspberry coulis
  • 3 oz sparkling wine
  • raspberries

To make the ‘coulis’ I boiled about a cup of water, 1/3 cup of sugar, and a thing of raspberries until it was a pot of mush. Then I  poured it through a strainer to get the ‘juice’ and discarded the rest.

Added the coulis, then the juice then the sparkling wine to some champagne ‘flutes’ and a raspberry as garnish and voila – National Peach Melba Day in a glass!


Side Post:  I want to boost this initiative sparked by Ashley Roche back home in Newfoundland in memory of Justin Tobin, the angler fish I mentioned on Wednesday


“Do something kind for a stranger, tag a friend to do the same and think about our boy Justin. 💛 

Document your act, it’ll make Justin and those who loved him smile.

My heart is a little bit bigger after Monday night, I now have a piece of Justin implanted in there.

When Justin was a little boy his mom told him to go make friends and he said he took that advice for the rest of his life. No matter where I went with Justin we would always run into a few people he’d stop and catch up with. If you were ever one of those people I can tell you that he sincerely wanted to know how you were doing. Those chats he would have in passing weren’t to be polite, he really cared about everyone.

He had more friends than anyone I’ve ever met, they were all so important to him. He would do anything for his friends. And I really mean anything. His smile was infectious and his laugh was booming. His kindness knew no end. Not just for his family or his friends, he was kind to everyone.

Since his passing so many people have reached out to me, telling me that if there’s anything they can do to help they’d be happy to. And there is. I’d like you to do a random act of kindness in Justin’s honour. Whether it’s pay for a strangers cup of coffee, shovel a neighbour’s driveway, help someone out in whatever way you can. Because that’s what Justin did. Every day. Even in his last months he was still insisting we bring his leftovers to panhandlers. Justin did so much for so many people, so lets do some random acts of kindness in his memory.

I called him red, he called me brun. The impact he had on my life is immeasurable. Even as I write this, I want to call him to get his thoughts. Missing him hurts, and I wish I could hear him say “and that’s what’s up!” as he does that finger snap thing. But I know he’d be so stoked to know we all did something kind with him in our hearts. ” – A.R

I did a few special things yesterday and held him (and Ashley) in my thoughts. Encourage everyone to partake!

Join us tomorrow for National Vision Board Day, National Dress up Your Pet Day, National Hot Pastrami Sandwich day! Guess which one isn’t happening for all the money in the world!



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