Day 17 – January 17th

January 17th is  National Bootleggers Day National Hot Buttered Rum Day!

What a delightful combo.

It was a rainy day in Vancouver so no lengthy walk for myself and Duncan -he has an aversion to getting wet. A real wuss, truly.

I can’t say I enjoy the buckets of rain that were pouring down nor the gloomy grey sky overhead on this particular Bootlegger and Hot Buttered Rum Day but I powered through.

I decided to celebrate bootleggers by bootlegging a movie about bootleggers off the ol’ interweb.  I’m sure Al Capone appreciates the irony.

When I searched ‘best bootlegger movie’, Lawless came up as a must see. I had never heard of it despite it having a star studded cast and being written by NICK CAVE !

Nick Cave is a real hero of mine so I chose that movie…to steal… well stream, whatever.

So this movie was about three bootlegging brothers who, naturally, have all kinds of violent run ins with the law and the mob. The brutality all escalates nicely to a shoot out in which they all get shot really badly but (SPOILER ALERT) survive.

It had Tom Hardy! That guy is huge! Physically! He like took up the whole shot whenever he was in one. He is like 4 feet wide.  This photo doesn’t do it justice! It was insane. He must have been shooting Batman or something around the same time because it was just ridiculous. He is always great in movies even if he only ever really grunts or makes all the words that he is supposed to be saying sound a lot like grunts (Mad Max, Warrior, Legend, Batman whatever, The Drop). I really love the guy, but I bet he’s hard to live with.

Oh yeah! Here’s a throw back to when I went as his character ‘Bane’ for two years of my life

It also had Jessica Chastain. She’s awesome because she recently got in a twitter feud with a baseball player about birth control. Low down :

She is all the way right and Matt Garza is a total moron.

Shia LeBeouf was in it too. I literally have nothing to say about him!

And there was all sorts of bloodshed! Murders and beatings and torture ! So it was pretty good, I guess. I mean, it satiated my bootlegging needs for the day despite its toxic masculinity, homogeneous cast and gratuitous female nudity.

Onwards to hot buttered rum. I have never had hot buttered rum before and it was one of the more unappealing holidays of this year long agenda. I am not a rum or hot butter fan. However this warm cocktail did become a lot more attractive after watching everybody in Lawless drink moonshine out of mason jars and gagging over and over.


To make it you need

  • butter
  • brown sugar
  • cinnamon
  • cloves
  • nutmeg
  • dark rum
  • hot water

I combined what I felt like sensible portions of all these things. Then Duncan came in to the kitchen to give me a hard look for leaving him behind in the living room sleeping alone

Christina had never had it before either. We both agreed it wasn’t bad but we will never drink it again.

The End.




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