Day 19 – January 19th

National Popcorn Day (and Get To Know Your Customers Day but… ) !

Christina and I decided to celebrate this day by eating all kinds of junk food! We usually just eat salads and wine!

So I got some cookies and ice cream and made ice cream sandwiches.

I popped the kernels on the stove top using coconut oil and melted some butter with Sriracha sauce to douse the popcorn in.

Then, once we had all our unhealthy snacks in order, we put on a movie.

“Going Clear: Scientology and The Prison of Belief”

Would you believe I already saw it?

I relearned that a lot of people are insane.

This is what we looked like to all the internet hackers for about an hour and a half

Duncan really likes popcorn in case you were wondering

Because I didn’t have to overexert myself celebrating on National Popcorn Day, I decided to revisit National Rubber Ducky Day. I felt really guilty about skipping it because I really like Rubber Duckies and came across some Rubber Duckies pretty much the next day.

So to commemorate their hard work and sacrifice, I took a moment out of National Popcorn Day to honour them.





Day 18 – January 18th

The evening of National Winnie the Pooh Day contained one of those moments when Sarah’s death hits me like a tonne of bricks.

It happens from time to time. Well, that’s an understatement. It happens all the time, really. A lot of times when I’m driving… for a couple of reasons.

Sarah always stopped at amber lights. I think of her every time I stop at one. She was  so cautious. She would slow down even when she only sensed it was going to be amber soon, instead of stepping on the gas to make it through, like I do. She was just so patient and never in a rush. It’s what made her an excellent mother and teacher.

When her death was still ‘fresh’ and the radio in the car was on, I would think ‘oh she hated this song’, or ‘oh she loved how Rowan loved that song’. Then came a period when a song would play, and I would wonder was it out before or after she died- had she ever heard this song? Now I am at a stage where I know definitively that she hasn’t heard any of the new songs on the radio. And I just think about that. How she’ll just never hear whatever stupid top 40 song is on at the moment when I’m driving around. Other people at the stop lights are mindlessly bopping their heads along to Rihanna and Calvin Harris and it just feels so overwhelmingly wrong.

It’s all consuming and takes everything in you to just breathe.
It is a struggle to ‘celebrate every day’ when  most days you are just trying to get through it in one peice

Forever and ever.

Winnie The Pooh sure dropped a lot of wisdom for a guy with no pants.

Earlier this day I made sure I celebrated National Gourmet Coffee day because (non dairy) lattes are one of my favourite things.

The lovely barista at Elysian Coffee, Tzoalli, made me my ‘usual’  almond cashew latte.. and let me photograph her!


She apologized for the un actualized latte heart art – almond cashew milk isn’t easy to work with. Classic case of ‘what’s inside that counts’. This latte was exactly what I needed so I couldn’t be arsed about what it looked like!

Once I was jazzed on caffeine, I went home and tried to sort out my National Peking duck Day dilemma (I am not going to eat a duck, sorry). I was looking for a vegan restaurant or recipe that would enable me to honour the day somehow  when I noticed…

A PEEKING DUCK. Sneaky Ducky.

I also discovered this on Amazon Prime


It was $24 for a flat of these. I really thought about it. But made the right choice by just allowing the Peeking duck to peek and calling it quits on this particularly emotionally draining day



Join me tomorrow for National Popcorn Day!!

Bonus : My husband James sent in a photo of his gourmet coffee of the day