Day 21 – January 21st

Today was the ‘Women’s March on Washington’. We partook in Vancouver

Duncan was very enthusiastic about lending his voice to the movement

He was wildly popular and made many friends


His favourite part was when we all stopped to give the Trump building the middle finger

When we were done dismantling the patriarchy, we went home to make granola bars for National Granola Bar Day

This was achieved through the union of

  • a bunch of oats
  • a bunch of dates (blended)
  • a bunch of maple syrup
  • a bunch of peanut butter
  • a bunch of hemp hearts
  • a few chocolate chips
  • a few cashews

in a warm sauce pan.

This gets the peanut butter to work with you. Then mush it down into a pan and let cool. When ready, cut into bar-like-shapes.

It was also Squirrel Appreciation Day & National Hugging Day.

While there were no squirrels to be found, Duncan gave hugs to pretty much anyone who would lower themselves to his level.

We both gave really heart felt hugs to Christina and Daniel when we dropped them at the airport later that night. I hate hugging, btw, but I did it for the cause. It wasn’t so bad but I’ll stick to Duncan cuddles.

Tomorrow is National Blonde Brownie Day !


Day 20 – January 20th

January 20th marks the birthday of my twin nephews, Grant & Ellis

They are now four.

So so so much has changed in four years, the word ‘mind boggling’ could be used.

Here is my sister with the little guys. Sarah died a few weeks after this photo was taken. You can see the hat I wear now a days in her hand.

January 20th also marks Donald assuming the role of President. At least Sarah  was spared this particular torture.

It is also National CHEESE LOVERS DAY and National DJ Day


Christina and I brought a slew of cheese, crackers, wine and glow sticks to celebrate this particular day.

We amassed even more when some guest BYOC’d

There was smoked cheddar, jalapeño gouda, gorgonzola, a herbed goat cheese, a fig cheese, some other kind of cheese… there was also some bread I made out of flour and water, an assortment of crackers, some chocolate, honey, jam and raspberries.

We put on some youtube channels of DJ’s we liked ( ) and raved, in seated position, into the wee hours of the morning.  Eight bottles of wine will enable that.