Day 25 – January 25th

National Irish Coffee & Opposite Day!

Wednesdays are long days for me. I have school all day and then I have a practicum placement in the evening. Christina was off in the wilderness snowboarding so Duncan would have had to spent the majority of the day alone. However Kathleen volunteered to take him for a walk and check out the nude beach! He was in his glee! So with that stress of my shoulders I was able to commit to celebrating around my school obligations.

I gotta be honest. I was looking into how to make vegan Baileys and it seemed like a lot of work… especially considering I still would hate having an Irish coffee even if it was dairy free. So I opted to merge the two celebrations this day and decided to have the Opposite of Irish Coffee!

What a great out!

So instead of drinking a boozy, milky, sugary, energizing Irish coffee I had a soothing, healthy, animal puss free, calming Chinese tea.

Best idea yet.

This particular tea was a present from Elliot. I love green teas.

I used my Wonder Woman mug and really cherished the serenity the moment offered.

Tomorrow : National Green Juice and Spouses Day !

Day 24 – January 24th

Tuesday January 24th marked National Beer Can, National Peanut Butter  & National Compliment Day.

I like alllll those things so I was looking forward to this day very much.

I didn’t have a chance to post until today (the 27th) because this particular day was just too much fun to pause and blog about it. Just had to keep the peanut butter party rolling!

It started with Duncan and I sharing some Peanut butter. This is standard practice in our household – we both go crazy for  the stuff. Duncan is probably the most fanatical, but it’s a close race.


Then it was time to get drinking, nice and early, to really take in the beauty of beer cans while there was still good lighting

So we went to meet up with Kathleen and her visiting sister Deirdre.

We went to Darby’s- a local liquor store that takes beer selection seriously and allows dogs! They even had treats.

We bought an assortment of random local and international beers and went home to indulge.

This beer is brewed by a guy we know! Dave! Hi Dave! Way to go! Your beer is delicious!

(see how I slipped in National Compliment Day, right there at the end like that? sneaky sneaky)

This beer was really good too and ginormous