Day 27 – January 27th

Another day, another chance to eat some junk food in the name of blog content.

National Chocolate Cake Day & National Big Wig Day pair just beautifully together, if I do say so myself.

Christina and I have a collection of wigs that we bust out from time to time. For example this time, when I met BADDIE WINKLE OMG STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT AMAZING OMG I’M STILL LITERALLY DEAD OMG

The wigs were last used a couple weeks ago and were left behind at our friend Kelly’s house. As inconvenient as this should have been, it worked out great because today was Kelly’s birthday! So I was able to bring her a mini chocolate birthday cake when I went over to nab them,  all under the guise of being a really nice person.. I can’t believe they fell for it…

I don’t have a mixer and all the baking projects for this blog have taken way too much physical exertion without one so I opted for a store bought cake. Sue me.

They were photogenic AND delicious. Get you a cake who can do both.


As you may have noticed from all the photos, there were indeed two cakes.

I ate mine at home alone with an assortment of wigs on

And, well, that’s pretty much the extent of it

Join me tomorrow for National Data Privacy Day ( I may actually put a password on my phone!! And change all my passwords from MarkLeah1 to something like MHjjj1*7sjic1hdfi1NklSDf1) (… but probably not ), Blueberry Pancake Day, Have Fun at Work Day, Kazoo Day and Seed Swap Day!

Odds are blueberry pancakes are the only things on the horizon, but who knows?





Day 26 – January 26th

National Green Juice Day & National Spouses Day!!

Thursdays I spend the day at a nearby elementary school pretending to be an art therapist. I have some really great kids and I enjoy my time with them enormously.

I thought it best to start my busy day by ‘getting my juices flowing’ as they say with a green juice. I walked around the corner to Glory Juice Company where they offer several cold pressed juices and nut mylks. They also sell avocado on toast for around $40.

I chose their “#2” juice because it marginally edged out the “#3” in green food content- staying on track today. It contained apple, celery, cucumber, lemon & kale.

I do like my green juices – or any fresh pressed juice for that matter. I even have a fancy Breville juicer back in NL. The cost of ingredients adds up quickly when juicing for yourself. However at $12.99 for a moderate sized bottle,  I don’t know for sure how to win, financially, at this wicked juicing game.

I brought it home and had a few gulps before heading to my practicum.

En route, my husband James sent me an address and told me there was something he needed me to ‘pick up’. I couldn’t wait to get out of the school to go see what it was.

The address brought me to Celsia Floral- a stunning florist shop near my house.

He had ordered a special bouquet -that came with chocolates (!!!)  for me for National Spouses Day. How sweet is that ?

I don’t own a vase so they got divvied up amongst mason jars and scattered throughout the apartment. It looks gorgeous in here – like someone’s hipster yoga wedding Pinterest board  threw up !

So even though everything this day was great great great there was one other thing that happened that took the proverbial cake!

Christina texted me, now that she was back in a service area and no longer back woods heli-skiing through avalanche prone mountains, to tell me that…


They had a lay over for 4 hours in Vancouver and wanted to have a quick celebratory dinner! We were both doubly excited when we realized that this was National Spouses Day (… mind you, not nearly as excited as Ian and I were today to find out he is going to get his cancer ridden stomach removed on National Rare Disease Day- Feb 28th… *sigh* it’s the simple things).

So we met up with Kathleen, her sisters and her partner at a fancy Lebanese restaurant in the neighbourhood and had a ginormous excessive feast with lots of bubbly. These dietary choices undid all the hard work that the $13 green juice had put in earlier that day but it was worth it.

Oh, and there were sparklers. Doesn’t get much more celebratory than that!

SO much love for these two it’s absolutely ridiculous.