Day 29 – January 29th

Wow. The month is winding down. I have been celebrating for 29 days straight. Who knew I would find such a rhythm in random celebrations?

The 29th is National Puzzle Day and National Corn Chip Day.

This day was sort of weird. I awoke with a (not-entirely) inexplicable sense of dread. It was grey out but not raining. I just couldn’t make myself take Duncan for a proper walk, or go to the gym. I really just moped around, doing nothing, accomplishing nothing. I was trying to rally myself to get it together, get some school work done, get a walk in, do some laundry, the like, but just completely and utterly failing at it. Even Duncan was sensing it.

Then I got an email that I feel on some psychic level I was anticipating – one of my clients died. For those of you, dear readers, who haven’t ever had to receive the news of someone you care about dying, let me explain how it feels. Physically, it is exactly how vampires that get killed by Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Buffy die.
It’s a blunt stabbing pain in the heart, followed immediately by a puff-like falling apart sensation.
A visual in montage form can be seen here if you weren’t a Buffy fan

After the poof/falling to pieces part, on this particular death notice, I took a deep breath and said aloud, “…better get to that puzzle for National Puzzle Day

And with that I did. I had arranged for my friend Kathleen to come over later in the day to film a time lapse video for me but I couldn’t wait. I had to get straight to work ‘celebrating’ to keep my sanity. With the help of a stack of books and some magic healing gem stones (rose quartz & citrine, fyi), I MacGyver’d a stand for my lousy iPhone 5 to have an aerial view of my puzzle making table.

The puzzle was one of Diablocertops. I had ignorantly thought they were triceratops upon purchasing – an homage to Sarah, her favourite dinosaur. Fucked that one up, huh?

So here I am Getting shit done

And this is the completed project

It was hard because
a) I was emotionally fucked up
b) I didn’t look at the box often enough for fear of ‘ruining’ the aesthetic of my (shitty iPhone 5) stop motion video …  so dumb

It was great to have something constructive to do in a moment like that. The blog is proving to be a marvellous coping tool in times of duress. Maybe I will be able to weasel my way into using this blog as my final project for art therapy school somehow.

The metaphor within piecing together a puzzle was mighty as well. You really just have to take it one piece at a time. There are no shortcuts. It is a jumbled up mess you have to sort out using a simple method- starting with the edges, and perseverance… and the box for guidance.

So National Corn Chip Day was next on the agenda.

I wasn’t anticipating this one to be a chore to celebrate, considering nachos are my favourite food and the corn chip an integral part of that dish. The bad news dampened my enthusiasm.

But I had a beer. I went and bought some chips. I put em in a bowl. I made some guacamole. I staged a photo shoot while I still had lighting.

I got it done.  I ate some guac. I persevered.

Photos to prove it.

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