Day 57 – February 26

Fucking Pistachio Day


Beautiful photos –  heartbreaking day

Today was the day I officially outlived my sister. Two weeks after my 32nd birthday.

Today was the day my sweet and kind father in law peacefully passed away after his 9  week cancer diagnosis.

Today was the day I bought a 9$ bag of pistachios, diced them up and sprinkled them on chocolate covered bananas and photographed them for a blog about celebrating life. Sarah and Melvin  had the same birthday… September 19th, and middle name, Francis. Life is funny.

Fucking Pistachio Day.




Day 56 – February 25

This day was supposedly National Chocolate Covered Nut Day and National Clam Chowder Day

Although I am partial to the formal and disgusted by the latter, I skipped right over both when one of my fellow dog obsessed and holiday practitioner Instagram friends showcased their celebration of Open That Bottle Night.
This pug based Instagram account is based out of Australia, so they are a day ahead of me. I get the scoop on alternative holiday ideas well in advance to change course when our ‘western’ options are lame or horrifying (*cough* clam chowder*)

I decided to Open that Bottle in the Day, rather,  and have a glass of wine before my bartending shift to take the edge off of running around like crazy person dealing with drunks all night long. It didn’t quite have the desired effect however, it made me want to put on pyjamas and hold Duncan with my eyes closed.

Drinking one glass of wine, by yourself, before you go to work was actually a pretty morose experience and one I shan’t be repeating. Chalk this up to another example of ‘celebrating’ being worse for the soul than doing nothing.

Just look at Duncan judging me! This from the guy that ate a whole bag of dog food and swelled up like a sphere when left unattended during my shift. Glass houses Duncan, Glass houses…


Day 55 – February 24

Day 55

I had a meeting with a rehabilitation facility for men with addictions this morning. It was interesting. I will likely be doing a therapy practicum there in the not so distant future.

After that meeting went relatively well, as in I effectively convinced the coordinator I was a smart and capable human being  😉  I spoke with James about how Melvin is doing. I’ve been avoiding discussing his condition in the blogosphere because the news has been up and down but never actually good and best left untyped.
It seems though, today, it will be a matter of days before he succumbs to his situation. My heart is absolutely broken.

I had so many things (i.e.: school assignments, blog posts, dog walks, gym, groceries etc) to do before heading to work this evening, but I was overcome with the crushing weight of depression. I sat holding Duncan for what was probably close to two hours.

It is World Bartender Day. Which I am. A Bartender and soon to be Art Therapist for Alcoholics.  A pretty stiff dichotomy there…

So the best I could do to celebrate was to  show up to work at my scheduled time and make drinks, even though I want to collapse in heap.

Here’s a throw back to bartending in Ecuador when I was young and everyone that mattered was alive and well  and everything was a good time

Day 54 – February 23

Well well well, if it isn’t National Dog Biscuit &  Banana Bread Day

This was another miraculous day in terms of accomplishment. I had to be at the elementary school till 3pm, then home for a quick dog walk, some celebrations and outfit change and then off to work till forever ever.

I knew this day was one Duncan was looking forward to and I didn’t want to let him down. He’s been a key player in making my Instagram cute and me not following through with driving off a bridge whenever the compulsion hits me.  I thought about making dog biscuits from scratch for the first time ever but, well, time.

So, instead,  when I got home from my practicum placement, I leashed up Duncan and went for a  stroll to Tisol – a pet store in our hood that would fit the bill for scoring treats. But, boy, was my wallet in for a treat.

It was FREE SAMPLE DAY! They had this huge table full of treats and paper baggies so you could stock up.

I made two passes like an absolute skeet.

Here I am loading Duncan up, in store, while I filled the baggie

I couldn’t believe no one was stopping me or at the very least harassing me to buy something.

Look at my haul! Duncan liked them all but puked up the vegan alligator dental bone. He’s an avid puker and I knew it was going to happen the moment I put it in his mouth. Oh well.

Then we went to VIVA Fine Foods just ‘down the hill’ from our house. I’d seen a sign boasting the best Banana Bread in Vancouver.

“Best” was in a jagged squiggle balloon so I knew it had to be legit.

There was no where to tie Duncan on because someone else had their dog tied up and I was scared that dog may have been aggressive so I scooped Duncan up and carried him for my super brief in-store transaction (“One banana bread to go please” *Tap* Done.)

But the owner was super pissed and told me I couldn’t bring him in. I assume she was the owner because I can’t imagine giving a shit first nor last as a minimum wage employee.

The guy that served me sneakily handed me THREE MORE DOG BISCUITS in  the way I imagine a good German person would have handed a Jewish person something to eat during the Holocaust. Yes, having a French Bulldog is exactly like being Anne Frank.

Anyway if I had a Yelp account I would have went on there to clarify that they have the OKAYEST Banana Bread in the city. .. put THAT in your jagged squiggle balloon and smoke it.

Nevertheless, it took a mean photo*

*More to do with my living room lighting and skill as a photographer than their baking or customer service skills

Day 53 – February 22

Day 53  was a loaded day indeed – World Yoga Day, National Cook A Sweet Potato Day & National Margarita Day!

These are some of my favourite things so I felt obliged to celebrate them all- despite having a full day of school (which involved a presentation on resistance in adolescents in therapy), and my Wednesday night volunteering session at a centre for people with disabilities in the evening.

Although I feel like I swear too much and hate too many people to be a true ‘yogi’, I do practice regularly and believe full heartedly in it’s extensive benefits.

I did a time lapse video for Instagram , which did not do the extent at which I held Crow Pose justice at. all.  But alas, it’s up there on the internet now forever.

Here is me rushing to get into dancers pose in the three seconds MacBook photo booth gives you before taking the photo.

All the while I was shaking my asana for the internet, I had a tiny sweet potato (or yam ? ) in the oven.

Duncan and I ate this up with some greek yogurt and cilantro.

It was great to have this ‘base’ in my stomach before I hit the neighbourhood taco bar, Luck Taco, for my favourite drink – MARGARITA!!

Myself and a couple friends had an assortment – the greenest one was called Pineapple Inferno and involved tequila, jalapeño and pineapple juice. The pink one was called the Electric Flamingo and contained white tequila, strawberry juice and basil. I had the pale one – a standard El Clasico margarita – no salted rim though, not fussy about those.

Knocked a few of these back as well as some of their cauliflower tacos and Modela Especials. I got quite a buzz on but had to restrain myself because tomorrow was going to be the longest day of my life – full day at the elementary school and then full night working at the bar.



Day 52 – February 21

Sticky Bun Day!

What is a sticky bun, you may ask? Couldn’t tell you. However when I searched “Best Sticky Bun in Vancouver” Grounds for Coffee appeared to be #1 . When I got there all they served was cinnamon buns. So I am going to presume that sticky buns and cinnamon buns are one and the same.

It was a beautiful sunny day and Kathleen and I took Duncan for a walk all the way to Point Grey to this Mecca of Sticky Buns.  I bought a four pack because that was some sort of deal. They slathered on the cream cheese frosting and put them in a biodegradable box and off we went back to my apartment.  I put on the kettle to French Press some coffee and Kathleen and I (and Duncan, to a degree) indulged in these delicious ‘sticky buns’. Boy were they sticky.

I ate one and a half and then got one of my glucose induced highs where my vision sort of blurs and I get really tired. I’m convinced I’m spectrum diabetic. The rest of the day was a blur.





Day 51- February 20

Day 51 = Love Your Pet Day & Muffin Day!

Those are two things I can easily celebrate.

I had special permission to bring Duncan to school with me today which made it possible for me to love Duncan all day long!
The director of the program thought he was a pig which wasn’t that crazy a mistake if you’ve ever heard him make his oink-like sounds. He made his rounds sitting on everyone’s laps and brought everyone lots of joy and snorts.

I missed old Herm today – I love him so much too, he’s just not as personable or as portable as his younger brother Dunc.

This is Herman when he was just a little puppy – we had him about one day at this point. So cute.

When I got home from school, I got to work on my go-to muffin recipe. It’s really simple, paleo friendly and I know it by heart!!

You will need:

  • 2 bananas mashed
  • 3 eggs
  • 3/4 cup peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup maple syrup
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla
  • 3/4 cup chocolate chips
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • dash of salt
  • teaspoon of cinnamon

mixed all of it together, distribute into muffin pan then bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes and viola, muffins.

Ate a few of these and got to work on the 5000 assignments I have due all at once next week.

Tomorrow! Sticky Bun Day! Wahoo!



Day 50 – February 19

Holy McMoly ! Day 50 of Celebrating Every Day Literally!!

What a trip.

Sunday was National Chocolate Mint Day. This felt a little trite given that Peppermint Patty Day was a 8 days ago. But it was also an easy out, because I was still tired as all hell from working a job like a real person.

Christina and I lived large today. We decided to go shopping and do brunch. I spent every cent of my hard earned money on a new snowboarding jacket, snowboarding goggles, helmet and mitts, as well as a new highlighter to make my cheekbones glow like unicorn fur.
We also had brunch at this ridiculously cute cafe in North Vancouver called Raglan’s Bistro and it was siiiiick.  I had this eggs Benedict concoction called Lowrider, which had chipotle sour cream and guacamole and it was hands down the tastiest thing I have eaten in a long time.  And we had some badass cocktails

We got home late afternoon and decided to recelebrate National Drink Wine Day because we didn’t feel like we gave it our all yesterday. So we put away our new purchases, put on our onesies, cracked open a few bottles and watched Planet Earth… nearly forgetting to celebrate National Chocolate Mint Day.

Luckily there were a few peppermint patties leftover in the fridge so I was able to indulge with little effort.

Day 49 – February 18

National Drink Wine Day!!!

I was super super super super super super tired from being too old to be a bartender up till all hours dealing with booze bags but I managed to pull myself together to go to a  get together with a few friends.
In honour of the day I drowsily knocked back about half a bottle of wine and gave a bottle of prosecco to the hostess. Wine wine wine


Day 48 – February 17th

National Random Acts of Kindness Day & National Cabbage Day!

Today I was a fucking zombie. Working till 4 am is ridiculous – I don’t know how I will keep up with it. I’m too old for that shit.
Although it was made known that it was a bar upon being hired, I just didn’t really grasp the severity of the bartending there.
Vancouver people are so mild mannered, I wasn’t expecting the night to be as booze fuelled as it was. I did last call and every fucking person ordered 3 more drinks and a bunch of shots.  Dealing with loaded people, when sober, is the worst. On top of coping with all the booze bags,  there’s all the bartending duties like disassembling the dishwasher, restocking all the booze, lugging kegs around, polishing glassware, etc etc.
It’s a lot more labour intensive than showing up, setting up some tables, serving, polishing some cutlery, and getting the fuck out of dodge by 11 pm.

Anyway so that was my night. I was hoping to accomplish some school work but I could barely keep my eyes open all day. Despite my concerted effort to not nap, I ended I up giving in.

I did, however, manage to get in some celebrating pre-nap.

I went to Whole Foods and bought a big beautiful red cabbage (which is purple for the record) in honour of National Cabbage Day. Then on the way out I gave the person who was sitting on the sidewalk with a sign asking for spare change a $5 bill, in honour of Random Acts of Kindness Day. He was very grateful and it made me wish I had more on me to give.

The cabbage was absolutely stunning so I took a million photos

Then I hacked it up and made a stir fry for Christina. Wild Friday night indeed.

Tomorrow is National Drink Wine Day which I tend to celebrate every day anyway. I have work but hopefully will be able to squeeze it in.  I’ll be sure to post about it!!