Day 31 – January 31st

My First Full Month of Celebrating is complete!

Whoop whoop

The last day of the month was National Backwards Day & National Inspire Your Heart with Art Day.

Things have been backwards enough in the world lately (the Muslim ban, the Quebec City shooting, etc) and I don’t think it warrants ‘celebration’ whatsoever.

I will be attending the candle light vigil at Al Jamia Masjid Vancouver mosque on Saturday in memory of Azzeddine Soufian, Khaled Belkacemi, Aboubaker Thabti, Abdelkrim Hassane, Ibrahma Barry, and Mamadou Tanou Barry, and in protest of celebrating ‘backwards‘. I could go on forever about my disgust and shame about the whole matter but there is nothing new to say.  I find it all pretty telling that there’s no ‘make your profile pic a maple leaf for the victims of the Canadian terrorist attack’ movement going on, like there is every time white folk get killed.

Hopefully this is just a backwards start to a year and soon there will be some progressive leaps forward. I will gladly get behind celebrating that.

I had grand plans of going to the Vancouver Art Gallery (the ‘VAG’…like why wouldn’t they have called it the Art Gallery of Vancouver? Like who in the fuck made that decision? ) for free night to see their Juxtapoz show (my absolute favourite art magazine).

However I had a job interview at a restaurant and got the job!

Which is great because I am one broke motherblogger and we still haven’t found anyone to take over the tenancy of our prostitenant (who, btw, texted today to tell me we are out of propane and most of the radiators in the house are ‘broken’…nothing in the house runs on propane and she had no idea that there were ‘valves’ that had to be ‘open’ for hot water radiation to work.. fucking moron).

But this meant I had to get my “Serving it Right” certification (which is pretty hilarious- apparently Newfoundland is the only province not to have this requirement to serve alcohol? Lawless).

So instead of celebrating Inspire your heart with Art through a trip to the VAG, I celebrated getting a serving job by getting that certificate, which took way longer than anticipated.

I did get it – 97% on the exam.

When that was over with I figured I would do a little doodling and exploration with water colour to inspire my heart.

The end of month one!



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