Day 32 – February 1st


February 1st marks the beginning of a whole new month of celebrations!

National Get Up Day,  National Freedom DayNational Baked Alaska Day & National Serpent Day!

National Get Up Day has something to do with skating, but I decided to interpret it to mean ‘get up’. Which I did, first thing.

Now National Freedom Day is an American holiday celebrating that time Abe Lincoln (my birthday twinsie) outlawed slavery. Thank goodness for that. It is also the start of Black History Month. Check out Donald’s latest speech to learn alllll about what it’s like to be black : Absolutely riveting

Now, for all you fine folk who think Canadians only claim to shame was our complete mistreatment of our indigenous peoples (genocide, residential schools, bum land trades, forced sterilization, germicide, etc), boy are you in for a treat!

We indeed had slaves! Mind you, Wikipedia likes to call the amount of African slavery “insignificant” (and then quickly point out that the native nations enslaved each other).

So the idea is that if it isn’t that many, it doesn’t really count.  We get to be holier than thou towards our American neighbours forever because we didn’t use as many. I’m just beaming with Canadian pride over here.

I read all about it here

They faced the same shit and some even fled to the freed states in America from Canada.

Found this – so sweet, having a clearance sale because he’s heading back to the motherland…

In French and English, all Canadian-like!

So that’s how I celebrated American Freedom Day, by taking the time to learn about Canada’s true history using Google.

That brings us to National Baked Alaska Day !

I was really looking forward to this one because I have never had it before and was completely mystified.

Baked Alaska is cake or crust, ice cream and meringue. It all goes in the oven at some point and the ice cream doesn’t melt, by the grace of god, I presume.

So I did a graham crust, baked that. Then layered on the ice cream. I froze the ice cream and crust together then got to work on the meringue.

I combined 3 egg whites, a dash of salt, a dash of cream of tartar and about 1/3 cup of sugar and got to whipping. I don’t have a stand or hand mixer so it was all ‘elbow grease’ as they say, which is just a revolting idiom for ‘hard fucking manual labour’. So I whipped and whipped and whipped. And whipped. And whipped.

I can’t believe I hand whipped meringue. Holy fuck. I feel like I could win Chopped now… Chopped Canada at the very least. When I got my ‘soft peaks’, I layered the meringue mixture over the ice cream layer, sprinkled some additional graham crumbs on top

Then I put it in the over under the broiler for about 5 minutes


It was pretty good

The ice cream was completely melted so I guess that wasn’t quite right.

It was also quite substantial. I had no one to share it with and it’s not a dessert that ‘keeps’ so I had to let Duncan in on the action.

But I had to be careful – he’s a puker…

Oh and it was Serpent Day but idgaf. I hate snakes ever since everyone attacked Taylor by flooding her Instagram with the snake emoji that time Kim released the secret recording of Taylor agreeing to some of the lyrics in Kanye’s song but not the lyrics she was upset about (“I made that bitch famous”) (… which is sooo not true, for the record, get over yourself Kanye) (she made you famous, if anything, give me a break) so it proved nothing but Kim fans are all total losers and need to get lives and ruined Instagram completely for like 2 weeks. So rude.


Just kidding – I hate teams- I think everyone should win

Join me tomorrow for more ice cream- National Heavenly Hash Day… as well as  Ground hog day!








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