Day 36 – February 5th

For breakfast I had a banana with Nutella because it was …

World Nutella Day!!

This was pretty much the highlight of my day. It was all downhill from there.

My “Advanced Counselling Skills” Workshop Part II rolled out shortly afterwards.  I was completely dreading it. When I arrived at school, everyone was complaining in whispers about how much they were not enjoying the content. I found a great sense of joy know everyone was suffering as badly as I. One classmate didn’t show up, another left part way through saying they didn’t feel well, and another had a ‘family’ thing to attend to. So the class was whittled down to the courageous few who plodded forward with the draining and deranged activities we were forced to do.

Here is a sentence from the article we had to read to prepare for the course:

“A mythopoetic inquiry is a kind of ‘soul tracking’ by way of footprints of the emerging autonomous images from the unconscious that present themselves symbolically suggesting that developing the ability to see symbolically and that this way of seeing could allow the possibility of loving one’s fate: a secret way of seeing.”

So like, yeah.

It was SUPPOSED to be National Shower with a Friend Day and Christina had booked us a hotel at Harrison Hot Springs and a few of us were going to go and get out of town and have massages and facials and drink wine and lounge in hot tubs and take glamour shots and have a great time …

…but nooooooo I had stay here and go explore my unconscious using charcoal and ink and found objects

There it is everybody – the abyss that is my soul. Happy Nutella Day !



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