Day 37 – February 6

Another day, another chance for Vancouver to prove its incapacity to deal with snow.

There was a lot of hype about this snow day – my pretentious chiropractor assured me Monday was going to be ‘the worst day yet’. I had received an email the night before from the director of my school saying that school will likely be closed.

It wasn’t. A lot of other stuff was shut down though.  I was really looking forward to having the day off so I was sulking about having to go in when the storm didn’t play out as horribly as planned. But then I saw through one of my fellow holiday celebrators Instagram account that Monday February 6 is SMUNDAY ! The official day to call in sick to work or skip school in the UK and the day after the Super Bowl in USA!

SO I DID! I just did it. Emailed in to say I wasn’t well and not coming in. I just couldn’t fathom being in that building seeing the same people I’ve been holed up with all weekend again. Just couldn’t do it. Plus I gotta do whatever holiday is presented to me so, onward ho!

Duncan took to Smunday (or Smonday) like a fish to water… or a bulldog to napping!

With a whole new day ahead of me I got to work catching up on blog posts, getting school assignments started and some even finished, and eating some froyo for National Frozen Yogurt Day!

Kathleen graciously agreed to partake in celebrating this particular day with me. We deliberated about going to Menchie’s but ultimately decided to support a local small business that was actually closer to where we live. Scoop! on 4th !

It’s not quite as DIY as Menchie’s and other froyo vendors of that nature – the counter attendant handled all the froyo dispensing- no getting carried away and ending up with a 40$ bill

They had toppings galore and you could serve yourself

Quite fancy indeed


I went with Chocolate Hazelnut frozen yogurt and added Oreo, brownies, yogurt chips, marshmallow sauce and salted caramel sauce.. and a few sprinkles to enhance the photogenicness of it all

Kathleen followed suit more or less- looks like she wailed on the coconut and chocolate almonds

We were really cold and eating frozen yogurt in February in a ‘snow storm’ after emailing in to school ‘sick’ is pretty ridiculous, I must say

It was really good- and yogurty 

And then to really top off Smunday, Christina and I went to Mount Seymour for some $10 Ladies Night Night Skiing!



Skipping school was the best thing I’ve done so far on this celebratory journey, if I’m being honest.




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