Day 46 – February 15

The 15th marked National Gum Drop Day

I initially took this to mean like those bubble gum spheres you see in vending machine, but according to all the other Instagram celebrators it meant a  jujube type candy.

I am not fussy on either, so I really didn’t put much forth in terms of effort on  this one. I had school all day which I am totally over and was feeling an overall sense of malaise.

I bought some Swedish Berries which I consider to be same same as jujubes, threw em my old faithful cutting board with the figurine of Herman Christina gave me for my birthday, ate one, brushed my teeth immediately because I’m neurotic and can’t stand the way candy makes my teeth feel, then called it a day.

I brought the rest of the bag in to my practicum the following day for all the elementary kids to eat and they pretty much went ape shit for them. 

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