Day 48 – February 17th

National Random Acts of Kindness Day & National Cabbage Day!

Today I was a fucking zombie. Working till 4 am is ridiculous – I don’t know how I will keep up with it. I’m too old for that shit.
Although it was made known that it was a bar upon being hired, I just didn’t really grasp the severity of the bartending there.
Vancouver people are so mild mannered, I wasn’t expecting the night to be as booze fuelled as it was. I did last call and every fucking person ordered 3 more drinks and a bunch of shots.  Dealing with loaded people, when sober, is the worst. On top of coping with all the booze bags,  there’s all the bartending duties like disassembling the dishwasher, restocking all the booze, lugging kegs around, polishing glassware, etc etc.
It’s a lot more labour intensive than showing up, setting up some tables, serving, polishing some cutlery, and getting the fuck out of dodge by 11 pm.

Anyway so that was my night. I was hoping to accomplish some school work but I could barely keep my eyes open all day. Despite my concerted effort to not nap, I ended I up giving in.

I did, however, manage to get in some celebrating pre-nap.

I went to Whole Foods and bought a big beautiful red cabbage (which is purple for the record) in honour of National Cabbage Day. Then on the way out I gave the person who was sitting on the sidewalk with a sign asking for spare change a $5 bill, in honour of Random Acts of Kindness Day. He was very grateful and it made me wish I had more on me to give.

The cabbage was absolutely stunning so I took a million photos

Then I hacked it up and made a stir fry for Christina. Wild Friday night indeed.

Tomorrow is National Drink Wine Day which I tend to celebrate every day anyway. I have work but hopefully will be able to squeeze it in.  I’ll be sure to post about it!!


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