Day 56 – February 25

This day was supposedly National Chocolate Covered Nut Day and National Clam Chowder Day

Although I am partial to the formal and disgusted by the latter, I skipped right over both when one of my fellow dog obsessed and holiday practitioner Instagram friends showcased their celebration of Open That Bottle Night.
This pug based Instagram account is based out of Australia, so they are a day ahead of me. I get the scoop on alternative holiday ideas well in advance to change course when our ‘western’ options are lame or horrifying (*cough* clam chowder*)

I decided to Open that Bottle in the Day, rather,  and have a glass of wine before my bartending shift to take the edge off of running around like crazy person dealing with drunks all night long. It didn’t quite have the desired effect however, it made me want to put on pyjamas and hold Duncan with my eyes closed.

Drinking one glass of wine, by yourself, before you go to work was actually a pretty morose experience and one I shan’t be repeating. Chalk this up to another example of ‘celebrating’ being worse for the soul than doing nothing.

Just look at Duncan judging me! This from the guy that ate a whole bag of dog food and swelled up like a sphere when left unattended during my shift. Glass houses Duncan, Glass houses…


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