Day 58 – February 27th

When I received the news of Melvin’s death on Sunday, Pistachio Day,  I left the birthday party I had just arrived at to go home to weep and make the necessary arrangements.

I had to email everyone I deal with in Vancouver, which is no small feat, to tell them I was leaving the province.
The list included school (four different instructors), my liaison at the elementary school, my co-volunteers at the residence for people with disabilities, my contact at the male rehab clinic, the manager at my new job, my hair salon (I had an appointment Tuesday morning), Air Canada about bringing Duncan on board etc etc.

I booked the Monday night Red Eye flight from YVR to YYT.

I polished off a bottle of wine pretty much by myself  (Christina and Daniel helped near the end when they got home from the party).

When I got up Monday morning, I opted out of going to school and chose instead to have brunch with Christina and Daniel.

It was National Kahlua Day

Celebrating was not something I felt like doing and Kahlua is not something I felt like drinking. But at brunch at Slickity Jim’s on Main, Christina and Daniel intervened. The show must go on. They presented the fact that there wasn’t going to be an opportunity to have Kahlua at any point today otherwise.
“Just throw some in your coffee and get it over with.”

I complied. It wasn’t awful, which was a relief, because I really didn’t want my coffee ruined.


I’m lucky to have friends like these guys in the first place, but especially Kahlua Day, because this was the first day I was literally ready to give up on the whole project.

Thanks Chrissy and Dan

ALSO thank you Karl @ Axis Hair Salon , holy cow what a hero.

This guy is a top stylist at a very prestigious hair salon in Vancouver. They make you pay a deposit for appointments and require 48 hours notice for cancellations. I have been eagerly awaiting my appointment with him on Tuesday for months now because my hair was terrible.

I was pretty stressed thinking I was going to get lose my deposit because I was not giving the 48 hours notice required ( which I respect the shit out of – I think it’s horrid when people don’t show up for appointments of this nature and the stylist loses out on earning potential)

So I sent in an email to the salon because it’s closed on Sundays to try to give as much notice as possible. I was pleasantly surprised when Karl himself responded to send his condolences and that I could email him directly so he could ‘fit me in’  when I get back (he’s booked till May online). I was so touched because I really though they would think I was lying and keep my $100.

Then I responded to say thank you and that I would be back the end of March or also if he miraculously had availability today, I wouldn’t be flying out till midnight and can come in at a moments notice.

And would you believe he took me in on his day off to fix up my hair so I wouldn’t look like a bag of garbage at the funeral and wake ? Just in the nick of time for my flight.


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