Day 59 – February 28th

So, as well all know, Air Canada is run by a bunch of useless dirt bags.
They never got back to me first nor last about allowing Duncan on the flight, so I assumed it was a no go having not received the necessary statement from them to prove he is allowed on board.

Luckily, once again, I have the greatest support system in the world and my friend Meg eagerly agreed to take care of Duncan while I was gone.

Of course when I got to the god damn airport, they had in their system that I was flying with my Emotional Support Animal and I totally could have brought him.

What fucking wankers.

My flight heading back to Newfoundland for Melvin’s funeral left at midnight making it officially February 28th and National Sleep in Public Day 

This year’s Sleeping in Public Day  was brought to you by Clonazepam

I faded in and out of conciousness the whole flight to Montreal, as well as the flight from Montreal to St John’s. I even managed to squeeze in a snooze on my layover. I certainly celebrated the shit out of this one.

Also super fun about February 28th is that it is National Rare Disease Day!

This is fantastic because rare diseases have claimed the lives of the people that mattered most to me in the world!!!
And it worked out great for my blog, because not only have I been in immense pain and darkness because of rare diseases such as Choriocarcinoma that took my sister, and one could easily say I’ve been celebrating two years and five months strong, but I now have a dear friend having intensive surgery on this day because of his rare disease!!

That’s right! My friend Ian had to have a Gastrectomy today!!! On his birthday!!!!!

He had a gastro intestinal stromal tumour in his duodenum!!!!
On top of that he was a carrier for the CDH-1 gene mutation that killed my husband’s father!
So hey hey ho ho Ian’s stomach just had to go… just did my sister in law’s and several cousin in laws! And Ian’s mother’s!

Here’s how that looks  afterwards:

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