Day 68 – March 9th

This was National Name Tag Day as well as National Get Over It Day!!

I tried to buy some name tags this day but Walmart didn’t have any and I was so annoyed by my whole ordeal I decided to just make my own.

Herman was a very willing and eager model… though he’s not an ambi-turner

I have no idea why Name Tag Day is a thing but Herman and I had a great time nevertheless.

The saga of our Prostitenant continued on today. She actually had the audacity to contact us and tell us to put a framed photo she left behind in a bag outside in the morning for her. She didn’t ask, she told us to. After the way she spoke to me back on the 1st. Nine whole days after her vacating our house. For the record, we have no legal obligation whatsoever to return anything left behind.

So James and I crafted a text that, although we knew would have no effect on her because of her raging narcissistic personality, allowed us to voice some of our grievances with her both as a tenant and as a human being.

It went like this:

Hi K,

This is why an official walk through is mutually beneficial to both parties.

I really didn’t appreciate being hounded for a damage deposit at my father’s wake last week. Landlords have 15 days to return damage deposits in NL.

I have reacted promptly to every issue that arose during your tenancy. I overlooked rent being late at least twice. We let you move in early and let you stay an extra day (should have been vacated Feb 28) even after you broke lease, without asking anything in return. You were not out on the morning of Mar 1 as you assured us you would be, which is what we arranged our limited time on that day around. 

Our house was not left in the condition we rented it to you (unclean, rip in living room sofa, long dent and scrape all along bedroom wall, multiple holes in upper hallway wall and living room, missing back door keys, the list could go on). A lesson hard learned on our end.

Your photo, along with all your other belongings that were left behind, were put outside today in the am in a recycling bag.

There is no need to respond. 

And with that we put everything she had left in our house (an entire blue recycling bag full of things)  out on our step (even though we have no obligation to return it, store it etc) and blocked her number from both our phones and Get Over it Day was celebrated. We hope to “get over” this nightmarish chapter of our lives!

I got to spend the day with the twins again – we went to some children’s programming at the provincial art gallery, lunch and swimming!

I got to see my old buddy and coworker Jason (Hi Jason!) and he gave me a sweet calendar a local artist, Anita Singh, made that lists all the holidays!

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