Day 71 – March 12th

Happy  Day Light Savings Day!!!

I can be seen changing my watch back to Wiz Khalifa’s Time  here

This was the most effort I had to put in to resetting clocks thanks to the 180+ kph winds that knocked the power out- all other clocks in my life needed to be reset anyway because they were blinking 12:00.

Being a Sunday after a spectrum natural disaster, it was a low key Day Light Savings Day and losing an hour (or gaining it… I don’t get it ) had no impact on my day whatsoever.

We celebrated by eating Indian food and watching The Brier Cup. Curling is just as mystifying to me as setting clocks back… or ahead… Anyway, way to go Team Gushue or NL or whatever! You all have a bit of a meninist look to you, no offence! And  I could hope you would be offended by that! Yay!



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