Day 80 – March 21st

Had a lovely visit with Kathleen last night ( she helped polish off the remaining ravioli of National Ravioli Day ). While chatting, she explained to me that although March 20th is often referred to as the first day of spring, it’s actually meant to be considered the last day of darkness… and then the 21st is the first day of light. That was a much nicer way to perceive the day considering I spent it coping the best I could with an all consuming panic attack.

So today, National Fragrance Day & International Day of Forests, I was looking forward to leaving all the gunk of  yesterday behind me and shedding the dreariness and sorrow the winter had brought.

I had smelled this perfume @ anthropologie back in February at some time and thought it was lovely. I never wear perfumes, I’m mildly allergic and some people can be severely allergic, plus I’m lazy af and couldn’t be arsed.

But, being a new day new me new season kinda thing and seeing as how I wasn’t crippled with an anxiety attack,  I decided to head all the way to the anthropologie on South Granville with Duncan and treat myself.

(It smells like vanilla)

I had a little plant life photo shoot, a wee shout out to forests everywhere !

Just to beef up this otherwise lacklustre post, here’s a throwback to me with that really big tree in Arenal, Costa Rica that everyone gets a picture with taken more or less around this time last year

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