Day 84 – March 25th

Waffle Day

My mother arrived the night before

Christina and I had arranged for all of us to go to Float House for a float in a sensory deprivation tank, followed by brunch at Chambar for their mini waffles.

Float House’s sales pitch is “Experience Nothing”

Being basic af, I was sold instantly.

We were each given a private room with a float tank and shower. The showers are stocked with specialty cleansers to ensure no humanity remains on your person before entering the tank.

The guy who showed us around had offered us a selection of music to play for the first twenty minutes in the tank. I had eagerly showered and hopped in the tank. I lay there for quite some time before the music started. I guess I scored some free additional nothing time. Awesome.

The water was slimy but the ear plugs worked. This was one of my biggest concerns (getting water in my ears), second only to not being able to open the tank door from the inside.
It’s funny how I open doors all day long, being an able bodied person – my bedroom door, my bathroom door, my apartment building door, coffee shop doors, the jeep door, doors of buildings, all shapes and sizes, in countries foreign and non. Yet the moment I am to open a door while naked, I assume this skill will dissipate.

The door was quite easy to lift.

Ninety (+)  minutes was a long time, but it didn’t feel like forever. I think I am so used to be being bored that it was a walk in the park… or rather, a float in the tank 😉

Chrissy and I lasted the full time, but my mom bailed part way through.

Then we went for waffles

We had milk chocolate lavender gold dipping sauce as well as white chocolate pistachio and salted caramel. Just like the Kardashians, no doubt.

They were delicious and I wish I had a plate of them right. now.

Oh and it was also National Tolkien Reading Day, so Duncan and I started The Hobbit before bed

He thought it was boring and there weren’t enough dogs

I don’t think there are any strong female leads… or female characters at all


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