Day 89 – March 30

Thank goodness National Walk in The Park Day fell on the one sunny day Vancouver has ever had in the history of it’s existence

Duncan hasn’t been out for a good burn in a while due to abominable weather. He is a true wuss.

Kathleen & I chose to take Duncan, and ourselves, to the nearest park which was Kitsilano Beach Park, a park, by the beach, in Kitsilano- a demonstration of pure ingenuity by the people of Vancouver with that name, for sure.


Duncan lead the way through sand, trees, shrubs and bridges.

We were all pretty spent when we got home, so much so that I nearly forgot it was National Pencil Day

I had thought I would dazzle my Instagram following with an amazing feat of artistic talent using my full scale pencil set. I was gonna shade and smudge and really show everyone out there what I’m made of… but couldn’t think of what to draw.

While racking my brain, I recalled the drawing contests published in Archie comics from my childhood and tried to look up what the scholarships they boasted handing out were actually for. I couldn’t find much on it

I did, at least, find the image I was looking for and was able to recreate it

Hopefully the artist scouts will be in touch shortly with my cash money


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