Day 105 – April 15th

This was one of those days where the stars just aligned and celebrating took minimal effort.

National Rubber Eraser Day!

The group I work with at the rehabilitation centre needed more erasers for their art therapy group.
We had only one for the first few sessions, which was shared by ten men by tossing all over the room and then, eventually, by cutting it into smaller pieces.
It was quite pitiful so I went out afterwards and bought 8 more, immediately.

The white kind.
The only kind that really works, amiright?
That’s not some veiled racist joke, I’m talking about those BS pink ones… well not the ones that go on the back of pencils… they seem to do the trick more often than not. But they have to be the bologna pink ones, not the bright pink ones, those just smear.
Who lets those out into the world? Imagine being a rubber eraser factory manager and testing those before going to market and being like “Yup, these will do”.

That guy is an asshole, I can tell you that much.
And it’s definitely a guy, let’s face it.

Anyway, here I am, honestly celebrating the fuck out of them. It’s too bad the art therapy sessions are confidential because I think these are going to be wildly celebrated when I bring them in next week and would make great photo/video content.

Oh well, I will just settle for these hyper stylized iPhone photo shots & a Simpsons quote from Lenny :

Oh ho ho Grimey – classic

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