Day 106 – April 16th

April 16th was Easter Sunday

This was a big to-do in my family, back in the day
The Easter Bunny had a time honoured tradition of hiding all our gifts with a long string attached with your name on the end that you would have to follow all throughout the house and garden.

My sisters and I had one Easter like this as adults, just us and our partners. Our parents were away (up north? the Middle East? not sure). I’m glad we thought to do it.

When Sarah died we tried to arrange it for her children so the tradition would live on, but the person she married has no regard for our thoughts and feelings as demonstrated repeatedly since her death, so that was the end of that.

I awoke this Easter Sunday very depressed thinking about yet another holiday my sister’s children have to celebrate without her.

The more I thought about it the more it angered me and saddened me. It was also National Health Care Decision Day, so thought I would make the decision to look after my mental health by getting the f out of Vancouver and off my phone for the holiday.
I hit the open road headed towards Squamish with Duncan in The Pickle

Once we found parking, having driven from lot to lot to lot for about an hour, we hit the Stawamus Chief trail.

It was much more crowded than I would have liked. And people were falling all over the place, it was cray.  When Duncan and I arrived at the end of the first trail, the view point was only accessible by ladder and/or precarious chain on a wet crumbling rocky ledge thing.
No view was worth losing Duncan over the side, so we had to turn back after all our hard work hiking, vista-less. 

Then we went for the other two chiefs

This trail had way less people on it (yay!) but was way more treacherous (boo). I had to lift Duncan in a few spots and there was most definitely some climbing on hands and knees.

But the view was worth it

I was very pleased I had thought to bring a beer with me

I wore Sarah’s hat most of the way, even though it wasn’t really cold enough to warrant hat wearing. I just know how much she loved BC and the hiking there, I wanted her to maybe vicariously experience it again.

The way back down was easier for the most part, except that Duncan was tired and wouldn’t take the chances he did on the way up so would get stuck. When this happened, he would make this weird growling howl whiney sound, which sounds like this and usually cracks me up, but not when I have to back track up rocky river terrain to save him.

When we got back to The Pickle, Duncan passed out cold while I made pasta.

Good times, although I was very tired and would have liked to have a shower


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