Day 113 – April 23

As a Pet Parent, I know the struggle is real.

The house training, the late nights, the long walks, the puking, the barking, the fur on everything you own…the vet appointments, the nail clippings, the snoring, the farting…the drooling, the chewing, the whining

But oh the cuteness

The cuteness outweighs not being able to just get up and go on an unexpected vacation (those never happen anyway)

The cuteness is worth putting your hand in a plastic sack and scooping warm feces off the ground (it starts to feel good after a while)

There is nothing equivalent to the joy that my dogs bring to me and no amount of drool or mud will deter my love

So National Pet Parent Day is a celebration of moi… and James.

I celebrated by leaving Duncan at home and going for a champagne fuelled brunch with a few friends.

No better way to celebrate the act of parenting than by not doing it for an afternoon 😉

So here’s to me, and all those pet parents, working hard to make a better life for their fur babies

And to a lesser degree, James

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