Day 118 – April 28

April 28 is National Superhero Day!

I was in London Drugs getting some horrifying Aileen Wuornos lookalike passport photos taken..

..when I saw this little critter:

I was all “Treat Yo’self- tis Superhero Day” … I probably even called myself a “Be-yotch” in the spirit of it all, and was about to pay the $9.99, when it dawned on me I have a hella crazy amount of Wonder Woman merchandise and maybe a square stuffed animal is a little unnecessary for a 32 year old woman at this stage of my life

So I didn’t. $10 well saved.

Here is a compilation of things that are rad about Wonder Woman:

  • she has a black twin sister name Nubia
  • she was created by the same guy who invented the polygraph machine
  • she can lift Thor’s hammer

That’s more or less all I know off the top of my head (besides the obvious stuff)

I also really like Sailor Moon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Batgirl, and The Powerpuff Girls and even feel a little guilty for leaving them out of this post… especially considering I mentioned Aileen Wuornos…

But not guilty enough to do anything about it.

Day 117 – April 27

National Bring your Son or Daughter to Work Day

I had to go to my practicum today at the elementary school, which is sort of work, but I knew bringing my fur son Duncan wasn’t in the cards. Which worked out for the best – I had a pretty serious situation arise with one of the clients I am working with that I won’t get into due to all kinds of confidentiality reasons.

But my other job, I suppose, is prepping The Pickle for Airbnb guests. Duncan most certainly helped me out with that. He usually does because he can’t stand when I leave him behind, let alone over and over again when I have to come and go with sheets and cleaning supplies

So I looped his leash around The Pickle door and he stood guard while I cleaned the place out.

He’s also really good at giving me company when I do my computer work. He sits right on my lap, making it a real challenge to type. But it’s a challenge I gladly accept

This was definitely a little bit ‘cheaty’, but 117 days in, I don’t know how much of af I give anymore !!

Day 116 – April 26

National Pretzel Day!!

It was also my last day of class for the term. I had a meeting with my supervisor. She seemed to think I am doing exceptionally well. How nice.

After school, I went to get a pretzel. I went with the soft varietal and decided not to worry if they were vegan or not.

Duncan was happy with my choice

REAL happy

I got my last Case Study Paper done, then I went to see the movie Maudie and oh lord was it a tear jerking heart breaker but absolutely a must see !

Day 115 – April 25

What a day

Hauled ass to go to a coffee shop I was certain sold zucchini bread – they didn’t
Then I lost my bank card, as in, it fell out of my pocket between my house and the grocery store.
Tried to pay for parking at my acupuncture appointment, but the meter was broken -took my toonie of course.
Having no bank card, I tried to pay for my acupuncture with the VISA gift card MEC put my boots refund on and of course there was no money on it because they screwed it up completely
Ended up with a giant dark forehead bruise from acupuncture
Did not get the paper due Wednesday done at all… not even a bit of progress

Thank god for wine

And Zucchini Bread

Well Zucchini Muffins… they had to do in a pinch, especially considering the harrowing nature of my day

For National Zucchini Bread Day I bought a couple vegan zucchini muffins and ate them both.



Day 114 – April 24

This was the first day, possibly, yet, that has only been ONE thing to celebrate. No options, no cop outs. Just Pigs in a Blanket or bust.

So weird.

One must oblige.

Turns out Pillsbury Crescent Roll dough is vegan so this was actually a pretty straight forward vegan-able dish.

Bought some St. Yves vegan hot dogs and away I went.

You take some crescent roll dough and some vegan hot dogs, roll one on top of the other and put them in the oven. Serve with ketchup.

Of course they ended up a bit ‘over done’ to say the least.
Our oven is hotter than hell, and I never seem to learn.

I don’t remember liking these very much as a child.
Most definitely repulsed by them as an adult.

They certainly don’t photograph well.

They weren’t so bad really. More so bland than gross, which was a pleasant surprise..