Day 115 – April 25

What a day

Hauled ass to go to a coffee shop I was certain sold zucchini bread – they didn’t
Then I lost my bank card, as in, it fell out of my pocket between my house and the grocery store.
Tried to pay for parking at my acupuncture appointment, but the meter was broken -took my toonie of course.
Having no bank card, I tried to pay for my acupuncture with the VISA gift card MEC put my boots refund on and of course there was no money on it because they screwed it up completely
Ended up with a giant dark forehead bruise from acupuncture
Did not get the paper due Wednesday done at all… not even a bit of progress

Thank god for wine

And Zucchini Bread

Well Zucchini Muffins… they had to do in a pinch, especially considering the harrowing nature of my day

For National Zucchini Bread Day I bought a couple vegan zucchini muffins and ate them both.



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