Day 117 – April 27

National Bring your Son or Daughter to Work Day

I had to go to my practicum today at the elementary school, which is sort of work, but I knew bringing my fur son Duncan wasn’t in the cards. Which worked out for the best – I had a pretty serious situation arise with one of the clients I am working with that I won’t get into due to all kinds of confidentiality reasons.

But my other job, I suppose, is prepping The Pickle for Airbnb guests. Duncan most certainly helped me out with that. He usually does because he can’t stand when I leave him behind, let alone over and over again when I have to come and go with sheets and cleaning supplies

So I looped his leash around The Pickle door and he stood guard while I cleaned the place out.

He’s also really good at giving me company when I do my computer work. He sits right on my lap, making it a real challenge to type. But it’s a challenge I gladly accept

This was definitely a little bit ‘cheaty’, but 117 days in, I don’t know how much of af I give anymore !!

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