Day 122- May 2

National Chocolate Truffle Day was the day random news outlets decided mine and Christina’s Airbnb listing was worth national media attention.

That’s right, Christina’s green Dodge camper van (inherited from an Australian friend who got deported for thinking ‘common law’ was synonymous with ‘gay’ in his visa application) made for breaking news here in Vancouver and beyond.

Yes, this cute little van that me and Duncan have had such a great time in the past few weeks has Vancouver in a tizzy

I was first contacted through the listing by Ben Miljure of CTV news at 9:45, asking for an interview for a news piece that was going to run at 11.

Thanks for the notice Ben, real respectful.

I didn’t get back to him in time so of course he and a film crew swarmed The Pickle at dusk, peering in the windows and asking random passers by what they think of the cost.

No one seemed to care one way or the other, thankfully.

He also quoted a whiney tweet from an arsehole in the area. This guy, FIVRE604, posted a link to our listing with the caption “Taking up very limited permit parking on my block for at least 6 weeks. At least they aren’t using something locals would?”

This was an outright lie on so many levels.

Firstly we have a permit so have every right to park there.
Secondly it had been in Whistler for the past three days. It also brought me to work and school and my volunteering gigs several times within the past few weeks. I took it to Squamish Easter weekend. Christina and Daniel took it to Whistler within that time frame as well.  It was on the move quite a bit in the past 6 weeks, FIVRE604.
Thirdly “very limited permit parking” is highly dramatic. We have two vehicles in the area and never ever have a problem finding a spot
Fourthly, The Pickle has been here since October, so if anything 6 weeks is an understatement. This guy can’t even complain properly.

You can read the first article and video piece here

Shortly after that was all over the news and social media, Global News’s John Hyo reaches out, for he would like a tour.

I respond:

Hi John,

Sorry to tell you I am at work all day and on top of that I just returned from a 4 day excursion in The Pickle so it is full of my own gear not prepared for a tour.

We aren’t happy about our current publicity and have removed the listing. However if you are going to run with a story regardless, I would like to take the opportunity to clarify some points that the reporter from CTV was misinformed about.

The Pickle is not booked up for most of May and June as CTV stated, but rather blocked off by choice by us because we actively use it as both a vehicle and to go camping. The resident who complained on Twitter  about parking is off base. There are, on average, four other vans on the same very block that never move. Whether those folk Airbnb or not, I don’t know, but in the past 6 weeks we have taken The Pickle to Whistler twice, Squamish once and I have driven to work and school as a regular vehicle several times. There is always a spot in the vicinity when I get back. I have yet to experience scarcity of parking in Kits and The Pickle is on the move often. Even if we weren’t using Airbnb it would be parked there, legally, like all the other vans.

We have yet to encounter a neighbour who was upset by it, and we have encountered many. Renting an apartment in Kitsilano is more than either of us have ever had to pay for housing in our lives and we are just trying to offset the cost a little.

John was gracious enough to DRIVE ALL AROUND KITS TO FIND IT AFTER WE TRIED TO HIDE IT AND THEN FILM IN THROUGH THE WINDOWS AND ASK MORE RANDOM PASSER BYS WHAT THEY THINK OF THE COST ALL ORIGINAL LIKE. This can be seen here. You’ll note he really deeply understood the situation and quoted the most important statement I made.

Christina and I were so floored by the onslaught of media attention that we broke our juice cleanse to go out and eat our stress feelings.  On the drive home WE HEARD THE RADIO DJ GO OFF THE HEAD ABOUT IT.

Christina’s mom saw the CTV morning show people discussing it. Her IT guys asked her if it was her ‘pickle van on the news?’.  My clients at the residence for disabilities all saw it. We were called ‘racketeers’ in Facebook comment threads. People were demanding we be towed in others. Some people thought it was cute. Most people seemed to think The Pickle was all Christy Clark’s fault (it’s not). A third article showed up.

The whole thing was super stressful and I no longer want to be a Kardashian at all.

So I made Vegan Chocolate Truffles

You won’t believe how easy they are

You will need:

  • 1/4 cup DIY Cashew Milk 
  • 12 oz dark vegan chocolate
  • topping – pistachios, cocoa, etc

Heat cashew milk. Pour over chocolate and stir.
When fully melted, chill.
Once somewhat firm, roll into balls, roll in cocoa, chopped nuts, coconut, or whatever other topping you can think of.

They were delicious and infinitely more cruelty free than the comment section of Global News !!!

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