Day 128 – May 8

Seeing as how James was visiting and Vancouver is boring as all hell, we decided to go for a little Duncan-less out-of-town romantic getaway to Harrison Hot Springs

I was not happy about the Duncan-less part, but the rest was fine

We hiked and drank wine and soaked in hot springs and ate  authentic German food (Vegetarian Schnitzle!!)

It was a great time and en route back to Van City, we decided to explore the band Chilliwack’s namesake city… Chilliwack!

On a  “Top 10 Things to Do in Chilliwack” list,  it was pretty clear that one must go to the airport for pie if in the area

So we did

One slice of Coconut Cream Pie & two forks, please!

I Fly for Pie knocked this out of the park

This pie was so tasty and creamy and coconuty. The crust was both just moist enough and just flakey enough.  I cannot possibly sing the praises for this pie high enough. It’s definitely on the (chilli)whacky top ten list for a reason and 100% worth the drive.  If I’m ever back in Chilliwack, I know my first stop!

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