Day 131 – May 11

There’s a new place on 4th called TurF

It’s a gym/juice bar/ coffee shop
So very Kits

I’ve been fascinated with the place since it opened because it seemed to appear out the blue one day.
I consider myself a pretty observant person and walked past the place it now stands almost everyday.
Any gym/juice bar/coffee shop THAT stealthy is worthy of my business.
I tip my hat, TurF

So for National Eat What you Want Day, I decided to check it out with James (and Duncan).

Duncan wasn’t allowed in (-1)
Inside was really well stylized (+1)
The staff was swift and friendly (+1)
Everything on the menu was healthy (+1) and not too expensive… but not a steal of a deal either (0).
There were a few vegan options (+1)

I went for the Lentil Grits Bowl – red lentils, oats, beet hummus and avocado, served with green onion, jalapeños and chickpea crackers

The concept of National Eat What You Want Day is more along the lines of a Diet Be Damned kinda thing, but I just really wanted, deep down in my heart (and stomach) to eat some hipster vegan grits.
I elicited much more joy from this bowl than I would have any cheesy veggie burger & fries combo or nacho platter

So a pat on the back to me; the world remains a better place because of my cruelty free and environmentally responsible eating habits, as does my digestive tract… And a pat on the back to TurF – I give you an overall arbitrary 3

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