Day 146 – May 26th

It was National Blueberry Cheesecake Day according to my calendar, but then I saw a bunch of people on Instagram celebration National Blueberry Pie Day instead,  so I decided to follow their lead.
I knew exactly where to get some vegan Blueberry Pie, but vegan Blueberry Cheesecake ? Good luck.

Kathleen, Duncan and I headed to our nearest and dearest pie monger, Aphrodite’s, for a slice.

It was ok.

There we saw truck driver donning (still) a “Hilary for Prison 2016” shirt.
Totes adorbs.

I posted a Boomerang on Instagram of the pie eating and, as you’ll note in the comments, got called out for celebrating the ‘wrong’ day.

Would you believe this isn’t the first time this has happened?
By people who haven’t commented before, first nor last?
Reaching out only to criticize and point out flaws?
I suppose you would believe it, if you’re remotely familiar with the internet.

I would like to say I take it with a grain of salt but can’t help but think about how damaged an ego one must have to feel compelled to comment on someone’s celebration, in honour of their deceased sister, to tell them they are doing it wrong.

I’ll just leave that there.

Then Kathleen kindly escorted me to NAPA autoparts in North Van to return a deep cell car battery that we use in The Pickle because it was dead but still under warranty. This gave me extreme anxiety because I hate returning things and know nothing about the battery.

Turned out all my worry and stress was for naught. It was a great experience with no questions asked and lots of hooting and hollering and swearing. I almost can’t wait for the next one to die so I can go back. Thanks NAPA for making National Blueberry Pie Day special and being easier to get along with than my Insta followers!

Day 145 – May 25th

National Towel Day!

Another great holiday I am willing to celebrate the shit out of

I love nothing more than fresh clean towels

…well I guess I love Duncan more


We have a fat stack of fresh white towels are our spot

I am known to wash them (too) frequently

My favourite part of staying at a hotel is using all the towels they have to offer and then thrown’ ’em on the ground, all reckless about the environmental impact

YAY! Gonna go fold some right now

Day 143 – May 23rd

If I were to ever develop a belief in ‘signs’, today woulda been the prompt !

I hadn’t been tracking my  celebrations or even making them a priority anymore. I’ve had so many guests visiting, and between work, school and practicum placements, The Pickle and Duncan time, I was becoming half assed, if not no assed, about the whole project.

I wasn’t even considering National Lucky Penny Day – I was too busy running around the city to get my passport renewed then to my volunteering placement and trying to find and pay for parking etc etc.

After doing a second loop of the free parking lot for the centre for people with disabilities, and having found no spots, I gave in to the pay parking lot, a little further down the street.

I parked, hopped out, paid for 2 hours- bringing me to 7:26 pm – my session is over at 7:30 but figured it would be fine, and hustled to get to work. Partway there, I realized I’d left my phone in the unlocked jeep, so had to double back to get it.

When I did, I saw this little guy, waiting on the seat.

I remembered that it was National Lucky Penny Day and snapped a pic. Then put it in my breast pocket.

I proceeded to have a wonderful time with my clients, who stayed a little later than usual, chatting.

When I got back to the parking lot it was 7:32 pm.
And there was the parking cop, punching buttons in his ticket-making-machine and taking pictures of the jeep!

I ran waving my arms like a lunatic.

He said, “Oh good, I haven’t printed yet so you don’t need to worry about anything…have a nice day… or evening I guess” and giggled embarrassedly.

He was one of those acne ravaged dweeby teenagers that are so awkward it’s adorable.
My heart soared. What a sweetheart.

So lucky I caught him in the nick of time and he wasn’t an asshole.

I thanked him profusely.

Then I got back home and told Christina what had happened, chalking it up to the Lucky Penny.

She noted I was extra lucky because they are discontinued in Canada.
I had completely forgotten that! If I hadn’t found this American one in the jeep, I don’t know where I would have found another one. They are a true rarity nowadays.

What a Lucky Penny indeed!

Then I forgot about it in my shirt pocket, and tossed the shirt in the laundry. Now the washing machine makes lots of noises when it’s going !

YAY Lucky Penny!


Day 142 – May 22nd

Happy (??) National Goth Day !

I’ve always been more aligned with punk couture than goth, but hey, I put on some black lipstick and Marilyn Manson and went with it.


Day 141- May 21

What a great follow up day to National Pick Strawberries Day; Sunday, May 21st, was National Strawberries & Cream Day!

I scoured the grocery store for some of that coconut whipped cream I have seen and used in the past, to no avail. The only option they had was ‘Cool Whip’. I really just wanted something to work with for a photo shoot, so I  was delighted to discover that it’s actually just composed of random oils and chemicals! No real dairy as far as I could tell. Simply marvellous!

I can’t recall when I had it last, but I remember thinking it was terrible stuff.
Turned out to not be so bad. Not sure if it counts as cream, being constituted of high fructose corn syrup and Polysorbate 60 (used in sexual lubricants and beauty products, a chemically-derived emulsifier has been linked to organ toxicity, diarrhea and tumours in lab mice) but hakunah matata.



Day 140 – May 20th

K, so, gotta be honest here.

Dad, Christina and I took The Pickle to Whistler to get some spring skiing in.

Superb day – it was 25+ degrees.

Winding drive through snowcapped mountain range, sugary snow conditions, snowboarding with your best friend, sunny skies, beers with your dad, hot tubs and people watching –National Pick Strawberries Day took a back seat, no offence.

I’m sure British Columbia has lots of U-Pick Strawberry farms, but it’s not quite the season.
So I just picked some up at the grocery store.
Maybe a cop out, but who are you to judge?

Day 139 – May 19th

My father decided to visit me in Vancouver for the weekend. He arrived at midday on Friday, which was National Pizza Party Day!

I took this opportunity to cast veganism aside to check out the Italian restaurant a few blocks downhill from our apartment, Nook. I invited Kathleen, Molly and Graham to join us.

It was hopping. We waited outside while the frazzled host reiterated his frazzledness to us over and over until, after about an hour, it was finally our turn for a table.

The group was 50% vegetarian so we  got the Margherita. I have to say, it was totally Meh.  As was the rest of the food. Just completely lacking in flavour. I do not understand why there was such a lineup.  I shan’t be going back. Nevertheless, we had a great time and the wine and cocktails were fine! Pizza Party quasi success!

Day 138 – May 18th

T’was National Notebook Day.
Being somewhat of a Notebook Enthusiast, I thought about buying yet another notebook to celebrate the holiday.
However, having about 100 beautiful ones already kicking around, completely unused, I decided to just honour the best ones.

My mom picked up this little French bulldog one for me when she was visiting at the ‘daiso’ Christina and I love to go to. I had bought the same one for James as a stocking stuffer Christmas time.

The “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” Notebook was a going-away gift from my friend Crystal. We know each other from working together at a restaurant when my sister died. She was the first one there at the memorial blood drive to donate blood. Last summer she was managing a different restaurant and offered me a place there. At that time her sister was going through a tremendous surgery that went a wry, to say the least.  I tried to support her and we became very close throughout the whole ordeal. She is one of my dearest friends.

Next up is the notebook I bought when Sarah died.

I desperately needed to write down everything I could think of about her in case it would all disappear. I wanted to have something to give Rowan, Grant and Ellis. I worried all the little things about her would fade with my memory. I know they will be able to ‘google’ their mom’s name and read ‘teacher’ and ‘rare cancer’ and ‘tragedy’ over and over again.

I wanted them to know she was useless at wrapping presents and shovelling. That she had asthma. That she loved to harmonize to songs that were playing.

I wrote furiously in it at first, but haven’t touched it in a while.
It’s too painful and I tortured myself for not being able to write out every single thing about her. So I stopped.
‘Perfection paralysis’ they call it in the biz
…the creativity biz, that is… not the dead sister biz… that would be ridiculous.
We are approaching three years without her now. I still think about her all day, every day. I lie awake at night thinking about her death- her pain and fear as she was dying, what she must have went through, what I will someday have to go through, where she could be now, do we actually have souls.
I have flashes of memories – her looking through her refrigerator, or the way she rubbed her eyes with her whole hand in exasperation sometimes. I think of  the time she got Grant to demonstrate saying ‘mama’ (his first word) and the expression of pure enjoyment of how cute she thought he was, and of proud she was, on her face.  I think about moments like when she thought I was hilarious when I would throw a small piece of firewood on the fire and make a moan/sigh sound as if it was really heavy, and when I ran into her, unexpectedly, jogging back from the swimming pool with Rowan in the stroller.

 Anyway, thank you, notebooks, for helping house the memories I worry will grow dimmer as the years pass.

Day 137 – May 17th

National Walnut Day!

I contemplated whipping up some Walnut Milk  but then thought the better of it. It looks and tastes like gruel- sticking with my Cashew Mlyk for life

Instead, I opted to jazz up these cough-inducing fruit seeds (yes, that’s apparently what the definition of a nut is) with some dark chocolate and sea salt

It was pretty straightforward

Melt some dark chocolate

Dip the finest walnuts you can rummage out of the Costco bag into aforementioned melted chocolate

Lay on wax paper after dipping, sprinkle with sea salt

Allow to cool …too cool