Day 148 – May 28th

May 28 marks one year since Harambe was killed
He would have been 18 years old…

Remember back when  that was the craziest news story you ever thought you’d hear? He’d never shove the prime minister of Montenegro or take a golf cart when everyone else is walking, I’ll tell you that.

Those were the days.

Rest in power, brother

May 28 is also National Hamburger Day!

Not one to eat rotting carcass, I appropriated the holiday to be flesh free!

I ordered a Veggie Burger, with yam fries, while I was working and took a quick iPhone photo.

It hit the spot and fuelled me through the long hours of serving boozebags.
It was salty as fuck. Just like me.

It’s actually hilarious how much I loath the brain dead drunkards I serve, yet yearn to be them, at the same time.  It’s an internal struggle, always.

National Hamburger Day and this very post also brings me back up to speed with my blog! It was so stressful falling so far behind in my writing- my lesson is learned , faithful readers! Never again!

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