Day 177 – June 26

Happy National Chocolate Pudding Day !

I couldn’t just bypass the fact that the celebrity that’s practically synonymous with this slimy treat’s rape trial just ended a few days ago in mistrial after FIFTY SEVEN women came forward with rape ‘allegations’.

I put allegations in ” there because I’m not really sure that’s the right word

Is it an ‘allegation’ if the defendant literally corroborates the story the plaintiff presents? Isn’t it just a ‘fact’, rather?

Here is what I pieced together from a few credible online articles.
The man drugged women.
He made that perfectly clear (“When you got the Quaaludes, was it in your mind that you were going to use these Quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with?” Troiani asked. “Yes,” Cosby replied.)

Roger that, Dr. Huxtable, sounds healthy!

And then he would make varying levels of advancements on them. From attempted rape to digital penetration to full fledged. Quite the spectrum.

When pressed about what he meant by having ‘romantic interest’ in one of the 57 victims in particular, Cosby said he meant “romance in terms of steps that will lead to some kind of permission or no permission or how you go about getting to wherever you’re going to wind up.”
Hmm, Heathcliff, I’m not sure this is what most people’s idea of ‘romance’ is, sounds a bit strange.
Oh this is another good one:
“I don’t hear her say anything. And I don’t feel her say anything,” Cosby said in the deposition,  admitting that he’d given one victim one and a half tablets of Benadryl before the incident. “And so I continue and I go into the area that is somewhere between permission and rejection. I am not stopped.”
When the prosecution asked Cosby if he believed another particular victim (of the 57) was not in the position to consent to intercourse after he gave her the drug, Cosby replied, “I don’t know.”
I mean, in his defence, it’s probably really hard to keep ’em straight at this point. A Benadryl here, a Quaalude there, a cappuccino, a digital penetration, Andrea, Autumn, Cindra, Camille,  completely out of it or half out of it but scared for her life/career/etc. Job to say. He’s legally blind now, too, so like, it’s all going downhill fast.
One of the jurors, a 21 year old kid who voted ‘Guilty’,  says he came to conclusion Cosby was guilty when he was asked if the women ‘gave consent’ and Cosby said, “No I wouldn’t call it that”.
Yep, well done justice system.  I wonder if they wouldn’t just take his word  that he drugged women and assaulted them because he’s black? Typical. Smh.
I’m glad that one 21 year old male juror could draw the connection between non consent and rape – god bless him. He also said they wouldn’t have deliberated as long or as hard if it hadn’t been Bill Cosby.
Which is to say it’s hard to figure out if it’s rape or not if the perpetrator is really funny and played a doctor on tv… and hawked chocolate flavour slime to children for years
So, needless to say, I did not pick up some Jell-o pudding today.
Rather,  I went with a local company that makes vegan puddings, of all sorts, instead.
It was a little on the gelatinous side, versus creamy, which was a bit ‘off-pudding’ 😉
But other than that, it did not disappoint.  A great chocolatey flavour, just sweet enough, and the perfect portion too.
Two thumbs up for local, cruelty free pudding.
Two thumbs down for another win for rape culture.

Day 176 – June 25

So I have to admit – whenever I think of ‘strawberry parfait‘ I actually picture Prince singing it to the tune of ‘Raspberry Beret’

As National Strawberry Parfait was lurking around the corner on my calendar, this song was in my head more oft than not the past few days

I ‘whipped’ one up, quite easily with stuff I had on hand!
Thank heavens I didn’t have to make a grocery store trip, money’s tight and the guy that works at Safeway drives me crazy – my Kitsilano readership knows who I’m talking about 😉

Anyway- I grabbed a mason jar and layered the following:

  • graham crumbs
  • strawberries, not Driscoll brand, boycott those, diced
  • Cool-Whip

That was it.

I’ll, again, admit my surprise that Cool- Whip isn’t the grossest thing ever. I really always thought it was so incredibly gross, but it really isn’t so bad. Must be getting old and ‘settling’.

Day 175 – June 24

I’ve been to New Orleans more than once and have had my share of Pralines.
As much as I wish I could be ringing in National Praline Day with all the hilarious and charming characters I’ve met down there, I had to settle with buying some of these “Sweet Georgia Browns” from Purdy’s Chocolatier which isn’t even 25 metres away from my house and eating them alone.
These Sweet Georgia Browns were the closest thing, geographically as well as ingrediently, to pralines I could find in this neck of the woods.

They came in a two pack- which was more than enough.
The pecans were toasted and salted to perfection.
This saltiness and crunchiness created a delectable harmony with the sugary gooey, chewy toffee and the rich chocolate.

I give these 10/10 for a sugary treat. I give them a 0/10 for being vegan and also a 0/10 in the teeth kindness department.

Day 174 – June 23

Nothing highlights your need for hydration like a good hangover. Drinking till 4:30 am really sets you up for a day like National Hydration Day. Nothing, besides hair of the dog draft beer, helps with a hangover like hydration.

This National Hydration Day I filled up my 2 litre beast of a water bottle with filtered and alkalized water and sipped it back (chugging isn’t the best way to hydrate, fyi)

I also hydrated my plants! And my friend Molly’s who is out of town for a while !

They were grateful although they will inevitably die anyways, no doubt.

Day 173- June 22

National Chocolate Eclair Day was also the day I saw the life altering performance of Nick Cave ( & The Bad Seeds. )

I came to be a fan of Nick Cave during his Grinderman time and the hits of yesteryear.
In preparation for the show I started to watch “One More Time With Feeling” , a documentary on the making of Skeleton Tree, his latest album.
I don’t think I got 6 minutes in before falling asleep because it was late and I was tired.
So I went to the show with no idea about what Nick Cave has been up to pretty much since ‘Stagger Lee’.
When the show started, the rest of the band assembled on stage and started playing some eery intro music.
Then Nick walked out, gallantly, and yet, somehow, I was stricken.
The thought “this man has lost a child” flashed through my mind.
I could just sense it.
He was charming and charismatic and full of energy but I just knew this man before me experienced a trauma like no other.
And I mean beyond the fact that he is known as the Prince of Darkness, beyond that he could be Danzig and Leonard Cohen’s love child
I saw him, and I somehow saw my dad, presenting the way he ‘should’, yet demolished on the inside.
I could see it radiating off of him from my balcony seat.
The darkness in me recognized the darkness in him
The next morning I went to watch the rest of the documentary (which is to say virtually all of the documentary )
While it was playing on my laptop, I did some iPhone google research.
“Nick Cave hears how his son Arthur died after falling to his death on LSD” is the headline from the first article that pops up

Arthur fell 60 ft off a cliff in Brighton at the age of 15. His twin, Earl, remains.

In a more interview-y segment of the documentary, Cave says, “…all of this stuff I’m saying now, it just, it feels like a lot of bullshit to me. It may mean something, but in the end, there’s something that happened… and there’s a kind of ring around that event, or it’s fenced off… and everything else is okay around it, but there’s just something that happened in that short space of time that we can never get that far away from… that we’re attached to this event, and that we move away, and we’re like on a rubber band, and life can go on and on and on, but eventually it just keeps coming back to that thing. And that’s… that’s some kind of trauma, I guess.”

“One more time with Feeling” was all too close to home. It showcases the family carrying on, but it’s clear that they will never be ‘whole’ again.

The show was incredible at the time, but it has a whole new lens on it now that I’ve watched the doc. Even though I had ‘sensed’ his emotional injury, I didn’t really know it for sure at the theatre and found myself thinking, at the time, ‘C’mon man, play Dig! Lazurus, Dig!’.
It all makes way more sense now.

The experience was much more spiritual than the lack lustre eclairs I pounded back before the show

I mean, they were ok, but they definitely didn’t make me weep like the world was ending.


Day 172 – June 21

Well it was World Yoga Day… again
You may recall this time lapse video and this blog post from my 53rd day of celebrating every day literally.
I’m guessing, maybe, the concept is that every day is World Yoga Day.
Who knows.
On THIS particular World Yoga Day I headed to Kits Beach for a free group yoga practice in the park with Duncan and a bunch of strangers

It was sunny yet breezy and Duncan and I scored a nice shady spot.
It was a Hatha class and the instructor was marvellous

Duncan was really well behaved and gave me lots of encouragement by snorting in my face whenever I was low to the ground

He was really bad at most of the poses, as you can see, but that’s why it’s called a yoga ‘practice’ and not a yoga ‘Stanley cup final’, god bless him.

Day 171 – June 20

I decided to add a little twist to National Ice Cream Soda Day, thanks to some random posting I saw on Pinterest or Instagram once upon a time.

I relished this opportunity to try out a Guinness Float instead. Same concept as an Ice Cream Soda, except you swap the root beer for real beer.
Genius, right?

So I picked up a four pack of Guinness cans and two tubs of President’s Choices dairy free coconut Ice cream in chocolate and coconut flavours and went to town!

The coconut flavour, although absolutely delightful on its own, was a bit ‘meh’ with the Guinness. But the chocolate? Look out. Guinness and vegan chocolate ice cream were made for each other, believe me.


Or rather, just go try it yourself sometime. This is definitely an cocktail (?)/ dessert (?) I will be keeping on the roster.

Day 170 – June 19


I always wear a watch. My watch if choice is a Casio Calculator watch. It’s water resistant (I’ve been through a few, pushed my luck)

It’s digital and boasts all the buttons a regular strength calculator would feature. According to Wikipedia, they were first introduced in the 1970s and continue to be produced, despite falling from their peak popularity during the 1980s

Thanks watch, for always being around for me to check neurotically !

Day 169 – June 18

June 18 marked Vancouver’s Car Free Day on Main Street… one of their main streets.

The street was shut down to vehicular traffic, and then filled with pop up kiosks and tents of vendors from food to soap to t shirts to art.

I want with a gaggle of women – we were six in total.

I also kept in mind that it was also National Splurge Day, so all bets were off if I saw something expensive and unnecessary that I wanted.

Despite the endless array of tied dyed tank tops and crystal jewelry sellers, nothing really struck my fancy until…

…this little vegan ice cream truck was calling my name

Had. To. Have. Some.

ALL VEGAN. Look at the options. My mind was blown. I ‘splurged’ and got two scoops, Chocolate and Toasted Marshmallow

It was ridiculous it was so good. Everyone in the girl gang ended up getting some too, even though it was half cold out and rainy

I have since subscribed to their news letter so I can follow them around wherever the go- I NEED to try their London Fog next

Day 168 – June 17

I vegetables make up the majority of my diet. Right after peanut butter.

I thought I’d share with you my recipe for the soup I whipped up on this blessed  National Eat Your Vegetables Day 

You will need the following

  • 5 cloves garlic
  • 1 onion (red or white or yellow, whatevs)
  • vegetable stock or bouillon cube
  • 1 can dices tomatoes
  • 1 cup lentils (mixed or commit to just one)
  • 1/3 cup quinoa
  • broccoli
  • carrots
  • celery
  • cauliflower
  • red cabbage
  • bay leaf/ves
  • cumin
  • oregano
  • chili flakes
  • paprika

Sautee diced garlic and onion in olive oil in a large pot. Once soft, combine everything else. Let simmer and you have soup.