Day 149 – May 29th

May 29th is Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day

I have put pillows ‘in’ the fridge before, for intensive chilling purposes, but never ‘on’.
I am used to more or less mindlessly following along with the day du jour unquestioningly, but this day begged to be looked into.

There was not that much info on the matter- just that in the early 1900’s people used to do put a piece of clothing on their fridge (or whatever they used back then) for good luck & prosperity
Somewhere through the jigs and the reels it morphed into a pillow, specifically, rather than clothing.
I also noted that some Instagrammers who also partake in National holidays, put the pillow inside the fridge.

I was pretty non committal and put Chrissy’s throw cushion up there because it matches the magnets

Big money big money big money

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