Day 154 – June 3rd

National CHOCOLATE Macaron Day

Not to be confused with National (regular) Macaroon Day that was literally three days ago.

Here’s a helpful diagram

So as you can see, to partake in this holiday, veganism had to be tossed aside, which I’m not ashamed to do from time to time

Got me some real nice macarons at the Whole Foods.

I think $2.65 is a little steep for a treat that’s barely bigger than a townie, but apparently they are tremendously labour intensive, so I let it slide

Way way waaaay better than the ones at the fancy macaron kiosk at the Granville Island Market that a classmate brought in one time.  I actually enjoyed eating them! They actually tasted chocolatey and I couldn’t feel the sugar granules in my teeth so two thumbs up from me !

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