Day 158 – June 7th

So, just FYI, this blogging project is a hassle.

Firstly, I have to figure out which day is what.
Then, I have to strategize how I’m going to get that food, activity or object incorporated into my day.
Once I do that, and act on it, documentation is integral. I photograph or film the event.
After that brouhaha, there’s the uploading and editing.
The final stage is the post itself, which means choosing what photographic material to go with and then writing a blurb about the whole experience.

A lot of the time, there aint a whole god damn lot to say about the matter.
Imagine writing an essay on an arbitrary topic, each and every day- it’s bananas.

So some days are, naturally, much harder than others.
But, I kid you not, EVERY single time I sit down to write a post, and contemplate just doing a photo journal of the event ( half assing it), I think of the parable of The Retiring Carpenter.

In case you’ve never heard it before, I’ll share my rendition of it

A carpenter decides to retire.
Her boss/friend insists she complete one last building project for her before she hangs up the proverbial hammer.
It’s a house.
The carpenter just wanted to get it over with so she could go sip pina coladas in Florida with her wife, so she slaps together the house. She cuts corners, uses subpar materials and performs shoddy workwomanship.
All in all a totally shitty build.
When the job was done, her boss/friend shows up, hands the keys to the carpenter and says, “This is your house, it’s my gift to you.”

Ugh. Right in the ovaries, amiright?

I may have modified the story to modernize it a smidge 😉

Anyway, for some reason, whenever I post, I think if I don’t put ‘enough’ effort into it, I will end up living in a crappy house with inconvenient light switch locations and a cracked foundation.

I don’t wanna live there ! I want all my cabinet doors to line up! I need all my low hanging light fixtures to be in no traffic areas! You don’t get Eat Pray Love successful from a few swift captions !

Today was National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

I used President’s Choice Vegan Coconut Milk Chocolate Ice Cream and garnished it with some dark chocolate shavings, chocolate covered coconut pieces, cocoa powder and a raspberry

100% vegan, 100% delicious

I don’t really have much else to say about it, that’s sorta what prompted me to go off the head earlier



Day 157 – June 6th

I have been wearing glasses since Grade Two.
Sarah got them first, and I wanted them too, so I started squinting at the board in class to see if I could get them as well.
I got an eye exam and, lo and behold, actually needed them.
From that day on, my eye sight deteriorated nearly a diopter a year.
It was bananas.
It tapered off in my late twenties, and I have now settled in to a constant state of -8.50 in my right eye and -7.50 in my left.
How marvellous.
I wear contact lenses every day – I put them in first thing in the morning and take them out the last thing at night.
I (barely) survived a brief stint of having unwearable, broken glasses and would have to make the harrowing trip from my bedroom to the bathroom to put in my contacts, blind as a bat. On one such trip I actually said good morning to a coat.
I find wearing glasses doesn’t allow me as sharp a sight as my contacts do, plus there’s no peripheral vision with glasses, you have to turn your whole head every which way to see all around you instead of just darting your eyes.

Despite my disdain for once coveted glasses, this National Eyewear Day, I decided to try wearing them out and about.
I bought my current frames from Clearly Contacts.
They always boast great deals, but they never apply to me because my vision is much below the norm, apparently. So they are always a fortune.
I saw this photo on their Instagram and thought I had to have them:

Right? So totally me…

Just the coolest.
So I bought them a while back and this is how they look with my thick af coke bottle lenses in them

Simply stunning, right?
Totally the same as the Insta models

I look like The third goddamn Proclaimer

Anyway, here’s to corrective eyewear.
Thank you for enabling me to read, write, drive, travel, get through the day, etc, but I sing no praises for enhancing my appearance. In that regard, you’re a complete jerk.

Day 156 – June 5

Well well well

Veggie burgers happen to be one of my favourite things to eat, you know, so when National Veggie Burger Day rolled into town, it wasn’t too daunting a task to celebrate it.

I wanted to celebrate in style, so Kathleen and I decided to check out Moderne Burger on Broadway, because the place looks amazing and neither of us had been before.

They do burgers, fries, sodas, milkshake and floats.
That’s it.
Keepin’ it simple, stupid.

They didn’t have any dairy free options for the milkshakes or floats, so we both went of straight up Coca Cola

I was expecting it to come in a glass bottle, in keeping with the vernacular.
Nope. Instead we got a giant glass with slushy ice in it. I survived.

This burger is best described as dry and tasteless. The fries weren’t much better. Or at all better, to be blunt. But I am glad I went and got it out of my system. Until I ate it for myself, I would have always wondered what it was like and how much I was missing out on.

Mystery solved. Will probably have to do this one over


Day 155 – June 4th

National Cognac Day

When I think of cognac I think of Hennessy… and when I think of Hennessy, I think of Young Ma

Apart from that, this one was a total pain in the ass!

I didn’t wanna shell out for a full thing of cognac because I’m not a rapper, so I had to go out for a quick cocktail during the only free time I had that day and had to drink a pretty boozy drink in the middle of the day pretty much by myself …Kathleen joined later, but it was too late, it was already weird.

I had a Sidecar

This digital recipe card is from The Martini Diva- a woman I follow on Instagram who Celebrates Everyday Literally by making cocktails in accordance with the national holidays as well as a little digital recipe card for it.
A lot of work- deepest of bows to her

This was my first Sidecar cocktail. I must say it probably won’t be my last. I thought it was a great balance of sweet and tart and boozy.

Oh and it was nice out and not pouring rain so I got to drink it outside, which was another bonus