Day 156 – June 5

Well well well

Veggie burgers happen to be one of my favourite things to eat, you know, so when National Veggie Burger Day rolled into town, it wasn’t too daunting a task to celebrate it.

I wanted to celebrate in style, so Kathleen and I decided to check out Moderne Burger on Broadway, because the place looks amazing and neither of us had been before.

They do burgers, fries, sodas, milkshake and floats.
That’s it.
Keepin’ it simple, stupid.

They didn’t have any dairy free options for the milkshakes or floats, so we both went of straight up Coca Cola

I was expecting it to come in a glass bottle, in keeping with the vernacular.
Nope. Instead we got a giant glass with slushy ice in it. I survived.

This burger is best described as dry and tasteless. The fries weren’t much better. Or at all better, to be blunt. But I am glad I went and got it out of my system. Until I ate it for myself, I would have always wondered what it was like and how much I was missing out on.

Mystery solved. Will probably have to do this one over


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