Day 157 – June 6th

I have been wearing glasses since Grade Two.
Sarah got them first, and I wanted them too, so I started squinting at the board in class to see if I could get them as well.
I got an eye exam and, lo and behold, actually needed them.
From that day on, my eye sight deteriorated nearly a diopter a year.
It was bananas.
It tapered off in my late twenties, and I have now settled in to a constant state of -8.50 in my right eye and -7.50 in my left.
How marvellous.
I wear contact lenses every day – I put them in first thing in the morning and take them out the last thing at night.
I (barely) survived a brief stint of having unwearable, broken glasses and would have to make the harrowing trip from my bedroom to the bathroom to put in my contacts, blind as a bat. On one such trip I actually said good morning to a coat.
I find wearing glasses doesn’t allow me as sharp a sight as my contacts do, plus there’s no peripheral vision with glasses, you have to turn your whole head every which way to see all around you instead of just darting your eyes.

Despite my disdain for once coveted glasses, this National Eyewear Day, I decided to try wearing them out and about.
I bought my current frames from Clearly Contacts.
They always boast great deals, but they never apply to me because my vision is much below the norm, apparently. So they are always a fortune.
I saw this photo on their Instagram and thought I had to have them:

Right? So totally me…

Just the coolest.
So I bought them a while back and this is how they look with my thick af coke bottle lenses in them

Simply stunning, right?
Totally the same as the Insta models

I look like The third goddamn Proclaimer

Anyway, here’s to corrective eyewear.
Thank you for enabling me to read, write, drive, travel, get through the day, etc, but I sing no praises for enhancing my appearance. In that regard, you’re a complete jerk.

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