Day 159 – June 8th

National Best Friends Day 
Now before the readership gets in fisticuffs over my title of my best friend, allow this Mindy Kaling gif to lay it out for you

With this in mind, also know I have two major categories of friends : those who were there for me when Sarah died, and those who weren’t

That definitive moment time of my life lead to a lot of friendships lost.
Many friends found my pain too uncomfortable and kept their distance.
Which is for the best.
I had plenty of people who supported me, despite the fact that being my friend was no longer a ‘fun’ thing to do.
I considered cataloging all my best friends for this post with pictures and telling stories, the whole nine yards, but the thought of expressing my love so openly was a major deterrent (I literally eloped with James because I didn’t want to do all the marriage/wedding stuff in front of people)
So, no offence y’all, I am just going to keep it simple:


Chrissy was the only one to get me a present on National Best Friends Day -hand sewn home made donut garland and a donut & coffee themed friendship card. God love!  So she totally wins the title today… just don’t tell Duncan…or Herman… or Steph… or Elliot … or Carleigh..


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