Day 172 – June 21

Well it was World Yoga Day… again
You may recall this time lapse video and this blog post from my 53rd day of celebrating every day literally.
I’m guessing, maybe, the concept is that every day is World Yoga Day.
Who knows.
On THIS particular World Yoga Day I headed to Kits Beach for a free group yoga practice in the park with Duncan and a bunch of strangers

It was sunny yet breezy and Duncan and I scored a nice shady spot.
It was a Hatha class and the instructor was marvellous

Duncan was really well behaved and gave me lots of encouragement by snorting in my face whenever I was low to the ground

He was really bad at most of the poses, as you can see, but that’s why it’s called a yoga ‘practice’ and not a yoga ‘Stanley cup final’, god bless him.

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