Day 183 – July 2

Holy fuck bys

What a National I Forgot Day indeed

Wasn’t planned at all

Went out to flip The Pickle for the next guest and put up these new darling pieces I made

I took The Pickle keys, neglecting to take the apartment keys.

No keys. No wallet. No phone. No room mate. No Duncan. Nothing.

I buzzed all the neighbours that I tried to gas poison last month

No one was home.

I sat and waited.

I checked all the windows. Little Duncan perched on the couch looking out at me

I decided to walk to Kathleen’s coffee shop because I sorta know most of the staff and they have a phone and a computer.

Kathleen was still there too so it was really easy.

I looked up the landlord’s number in my email.  Called him. He answered. – said no problem, see you in 10 minutes.

Which I did.

It was almost too easy.

I had visions of just never getting in my apartment again.

Of a little Duncan skeleton waiting for me on the couch whenever I got back in again.

Of living in The Pickle and having to wear the shorts and tank top I had on for the rest of my life.

The whole ordeal was over in under 20 minutes

All’s well that ends well.

Then I went to get some beer to destress before meeting up with my work friends for Jazz Fest and found an unconscious body.

Tried to wake her. Checked breathing. Checked pulse. Pinched, yelled, clapped and (gently) shook to no response.

Waited for ambulance.

Then went to beach with beer

It was warm by then though.

Not easy being a hero.


Day 182 – HALF WAY DAY

July 1st is the half way point of the entire year – 182 spins around the sun of the allotted 365 spins we call a ‘year’.

It’s an official day too – called National Half Way Day

It was also Canada Day – Canada’s 150th to be exact.

Well not really, when you factor in that First Nations have lived here well beyond that and also Newfoundland didn’t join until 1949 so like,  not exact whatsoever.

Thirdly it was National Creative Ice Cream Flavour Day!

So I had a lot on the proverbial plate here.

It was a gorgeous day in Vancouver, as it has been for quite some time now- it’s the new default setting – sunshine and warmth. I was most excited about celebrating the half way point of this project!

Kathleen and I went to see a play near the UBC botanical gardens, “Th’owxiya: The Hungry Feast Dish” performed by Axis Theatre

The screen play author and cast were all First Nations, and because it was on “Canada Day”, we thought it was going to be a really politically charged theatre production going down and couldn’t wait.

It turned out to be more so a children’s story.  Quite off the mark there.

Still nice.

Then we went to Arbor and had lunch – deep fried artichoke sandwich with eggplant bacon and macadamia nut ‘cheese’. Divine.

THEN we went to a brand new ice cream place that serves vegan ice cream.


Their vegan selection were Strawberry Coconut, Toasted Marshmallow (which I’ve had before and LOOOOOVED), Lime Coconut and Coffee.

Besides Toasted Marshmallow, I felt coffee was the most creative flavour so I went for it.


Holy McMoly, it was incredible. I can’t get enough of this stuff.

Kathleen went for an Affogato – coffee ice cream with espresso. It too was amazing .

Then I had to go to work and it was dead for the entire time until midnight when I got completely rocked by myself and a patron had to jump on bar and help.

Happy Canada Day etc !


Day 180 – June 29

Shout out to one of the best gifts I ever received

I was travelling through South America and had a Canon Powershot, which was a simple contraption that took great photos. It served me well until I was hiking a volcano in a rain storm in Ecuador and my Gore-Tex water proof Arcteryx coat failed me and the camera ended up completely saturated.

James was going to meet me in Peru and I told him to bring me down another one. Instead he got me an even better camera and all the fixings!

So today, National Camera Day, I’d like to thank Canon cameras for making some great, easy to use, cameras and thank this guy for serving me well for the past 7 ish years, but also, more specifically for being vital for and my everydayliterally Instagram account.

Without it’s professional touch, I think I’d look like a total hack!

How did I take a picture of my camera without a camera, you might be wondering…

… a magician never reveals her secrets 😉