August 19 – Day 231

So totes adorbs story, folks :

Once upon a time, James and I had Airbnb guests stay with us for a month back in St. John’s.

It went well, he was a doctor doing his residency and she was just visiting. We gave them rides, lent them our bikes, brought them to CrossFit etc etc.

Flash forward to a couple weeks ago, I get a message through Airbnb from them. They live in Kelowna nowadays, how’s Duncan, they’d love to get together,  is The Pickle free tonight?

I was home in NL, but I arranged for Kathleen to prep it for them and told them they could stay for free

I told them James and I are heading to Kelowna for Labour Day weekend. Unfortunately they will be out of town, but they went on to offer their bike trailer, access to their rooftop bathroom and shower etc etc while we are there.

We went on to text about our emotional support animals and vegan dining. She threw out two places in Vancouver that she loves that I had never heard of before – Umaluma vegan gelato and Kokomo’s vegan restaurant.

So you know, I had to go try these out

Kathleen and I … and Siri, found Kokomo’s and had the Coastal Macro bowl and Earl Grey Kombucha. It was amazeballs. I never use that expression but it just really fits right now, ok?

They also have… *drum roll* VEGAN SOFT SERVE

And lucky for them (but sad for my wallet) it was National Soft Serve Day ! (Yes, another god damn ice cream centred holiday)

I literally said that to the cashier

Then Kathleen and I shared one Au Natural Coconut Whip Soft serve (we shared one so we could save room for the vegan gelato a block away)

To be honest, it was a bit meh and even more pathetic, my teeth have been super sensitive from having to use a new toothpaste instead of my usual Sensodyne so it was half painful

But I am glad we checked  it out – lovely place, lovely service, lovely time and lovely company

August 18 – Day 230

Oooh so this one is a bit of a cop out slash cheat but the bar I work at has a new menu item – Tofu Lettuce Wraps

T’was National Fajita Day and sautéed veggies and tofu and a wrap is pretty fajita-y to me !
I had work (as usual it seems) and managed to wolf this between slinging beers, mixing cocktails and running food ! It has been crazy there lately !

It’s not much to look at and the lighting is pretty terrible but it definitely served it’s purpose today!

August 17 – Day 229

I have had my share of sweet, sweet finds at Thrift Stores near and far

For National Thrift Store Day, I added Maclemore to my Spotify play list and headed to the Salvation Army Thrift Store a few blocks down the road

It was crowded and hectic and overpriced by I did score a pretty rad shirt that completely made my National Thrift Store Day

Ah? Pretty neat. Only $6.99!

August 16 – Day 228

National Rum Day !!

I do love me a mojito from time to time, but rum is most definitely not my go to spirit

I branched out, however, and honoured this sweet liquor by making a Dark & Stormy cocktail!

You will need:

  • 2 ounces dark rum
  • 3 ounces ginger beer
  • ½ ounce freshly squeezed lime juice
  • Lime wheel or wedge, for garnish

Build the cocktail on ice, leaving rum for last and ‘float’ it on the top

That’s what I do at work all the time – I made a few of these and the patrons were loving them

August 15th – Day 227

Day 227 being National Relaxation Day was a small miracle

Being ordained by this foolish blog to relax ! Take it easy!  Do nothing? Hallelujah !

It was sunny so I grabbed a few beer from the fridge, hopped on my bike and rolled on down to Jericho beach for a change of scenery. Had a few dips, both in the ocean and in the roasted red pepper hummus, and let the sun and sand do the rest


August 14 – Day 226

National Creamsicle Day

I was never an overt fan of the creamsicle.. gimme a polar bar or a chipper any day

My distaste for this orange and vanilla flavoured ice cream could probably be whittled down to the fact that I don’t really like fruit or fruit flavoured things.

To celebrate this day, I bought some vanilla coconut ice cream and an orange and had fantastical ideas about making a vegan creamiscle milkshake smoothie concoction. However the day escaped me and I  just didn’t find the time to put my ingredients to work

Luckily for me, that evening as I was out for a night of trivia, I spotted a creamiscle cocktail on the bar menu

Orange Juice + Whipped Cream flavoured vodka + soda

I realized immediately after the first sip that although it tastes exactly like a creamsicle, that’s not really a good thing

I choked down about half of the cocktail and switched to good ol’ PBR then came 3rd at trivia


August 13 – Day 225

August 13th, National Prosecco Day, didn’t quite get celebrated the way you’d think

Instead of sipping bubbly or knocking back mimosas, I spent the day in a line up to be served by The Soup Nazi

Larry Thomas, the Emmy nominated actor who played The Soup Nazi on the Seinfeld episode “The Soup Nazi”, was dishing out soup in New Westminster to fundraise for the BC wildfires

The line up was backed up around the block

We waited for hours and hours

In light of recent events in Charlottesville, we sort of felt weird about honouring anyone with ‘nazi’ in their title

But in the end, the opportunity to meet such an iconic figure overrode the moral turmoil and we stuck it out

Luckily they had a vegan option so I didn’t have to get yelled at

He even let Duncan in.. although he was completely unmoved by his cuteness

And yadda yadda yadda, National Prosecco Day was done




August 12 – Day 224

National Middle Child’s Day… a holiday of minimal importance.. much like the middle child

Very rarely does the middle child get to advance position after all birth giving has been completed for a family.
It’s virtually impossible to move up the ranks.

But alas, thanks to a little doctor negligence and a lot of choriocarcinoma, I was able to do just that, ladies and gentlemen.

Becoming the eldest child in the Turpin household has not been without strife, and lying in wait for 29 years didn’t equate a clean transition by any means, but here I am, now, on this National Middle Child’s Day sitting atop the Iron Throne of Birth Order.

Not only am I now the oldest child, I’m older than the previous eldest will ever be! So here’s to me!

August 11 – Day 223

National Play In The Sand Day

It was still smoggy and hazy in Vancouver, but warm and sunny so Duncan and I hit the beach – the Kitsilano Dog beach

I directed Duncan to play in the sand, but as well all know he is deaf


Close enough.

August 10 – Day 222

Day 222 was my first day back in Vancouver

T’was National Skyscraper Appreciation Day and although Vancouver’s skyline is composed of glass buildings as high and as far as the eye can see, the hazy smoke from the raging wildfires in surrounding areas made them less of an eyesore… er, I mean, visible, yes, less visible

The atmosphere was smoggy and warm. Duncan and I were going to walk over the Burrard bridge to check them out, but breathing was difficult – and this was a ‘good’ day. It had been much worse while I was in Newfoundland

So we just turned back after a few photos

I tried my best to appreciate them!!!