Day 198 – July 17

Dear loyal readership,

You may notice from time to time that I get behind in blog posts.

It is not, as one may believe,  a result of the topic getting boring, or my being just entirely too busy, but rather my lag is often sparked by a holiday that I don’t want to talk about. A ‘sore’ spot, if you will.

When a holiday colludes with my anguish as a grieving sister, I just want to walk away.  I put off the blog post and leave it for days… or, as today’s post exemplifies,  weeks.

National Tattoo Day was one such day that caused a domino effect of late posts.

One of my first tattoos was by Lady Lo in St. John’s. This photo was taken by Sarah.

I had designed three nesting doll tattoos in ascending size for my sisters and I. Each had their own dinosaur within – mine a tyrannosaurus rex, Claire’s a brachiosaurus and Sarah’s a triceratops

I never planned on my whole arm being covered in tattoos.
Hell, a large part of me finds tattoos entirely skeety and unattractive.
However I somehow made them a huge part of my grieving process

When Sarah died, Laura, our tattoo artist who is booked up solid for years into the future, made special arrangements to squeeze me in, as well as James, Claire, my sister’s widow and even my mom.


Mom’s tattoo contains no dinosaurs as she doesn’t share the affinity for them

I had Sarah’s name inked onto my bicep and it just grew from there. In the year following Sarah’s death I added fifteen plus tattoos, including mermaids and penguins and Duncan and paper planes.

A word of advice – if you get someone’s name tattooed on you, morons all over the world will think it’s your name, so prepare yourself. I assume it’s a way better time if you get the name of an opposite gender.

If someone doesn’t fall into the latter category of morons, they usually fall into the  grabbing-you-by-your-arm-and-asking-boorishly-“who’s Sarah?”-like-it’s-their-buisiness category of morons.  At this stage, I find myself bluntly tell them Sarah is my dead sister straight up. I actually get off on making them feel bad for being so god damn rude, to be perfectly honest.

One of my favourites is this self portrait I whipped up of Sarah that rests on my shoulder


I thought I might get a new one for National Tattoo Day,  but am feeling a little ‘tattooed out’ this hot and sunny summer having them on display all the time. So instead, I reflected on how far I’ve come and the role tattoos have played in that journey

Thank you to Laura Casey @ Lady Lo’s Custom Tattoos for always being patient and professional and taking me in on short notice and being super clean!


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