Day 200 – July 19

DAY 200!!!

Straight up spent most of National Ice Cream Day ( this is seriously, like the five hundredth Ice Cream Day, I’m not even kidding)

I spent most of the day drinking rosé, and weeping over Mary, with Duncan on the beach

I had J. Cole tickets for the evening and we went to Virtuous Pi for some vegan pizza and had some amazing vegan ice cream there

Wild concoctions :
Charcoal Banana Coconut
Meyer Lemon & Lavender
Mint + Dark Chocolate

BUT! I forgot to take a picture!!!!

So then, my and Kathleen went the next day, back to Innocent Ice Cream on Main Street and got some more vegan ice cream

This time I got Banana Walnut

BUT!! I forgot to take a picture, AGAIN!!!
So I took a cute video of Duncan licking the cup for me

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