Day 204 – July 23

National Peanut Butter Chocolate Day fell on the day I flew to Kitimat, BC, to visit Christina !

I love going places I’ve never been before, so I was super excited.

I also love Peanut Butter and Chocolate – the most iconic duo of all

It was a busy day that involved getting up at the crack of dawn to walk Duncan so he would be well behaved on the flight, then going to the airport and dealing with all that nonsense. then flying to Kitimat, eating at White Spot, a mediocre British Columbian chain restaurant I have seen around a million times yet haven’t experienced, then driving to Prince Rupert where we hiked and explored and drank beer at the local brewery and biked around town and met all kinds of people.

Managed to knock back pretty much an entire bag of these mini Reese cups in one sitting – A solid day to honour a solid treat



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