August 19 – Day 231

So totes adorbs story, folks :

Once upon a time, James and I had Airbnb guests stay with us for a month back in St. John’s.

It went well, he was a doctor doing his residency and she was just visiting. We gave them rides, lent them our bikes, brought them to CrossFit etc etc.

Flash forward to a couple weeks ago, I get a message through Airbnb from them. They live in Kelowna nowadays, how’s Duncan, they’d love to get together,  is The Pickle free tonight?

I was home in NL, but I arranged for Kathleen to prep it for them and told them they could stay for free

I told them James and I are heading to Kelowna for Labour Day weekend. Unfortunately they will be out of town, but they went on to offer their bike trailer, access to their rooftop bathroom and shower etc etc while we are there.

We went on to text about our emotional support animals and vegan dining. She threw out two places in Vancouver that she loves that I had never heard of before – Umaluma vegan gelato and Kokomo’s vegan restaurant.

So you know, I had to go try these out

Kathleen and I … and Siri, found Kokomo’s and had the Coastal Macro bowl and Earl Grey Kombucha. It was amazeballs. I never use that expression but it just really fits right now, ok?

They also have… *drum roll* VEGAN SOFT SERVE

And lucky for them (but sad for my wallet) it was National Soft Serve Day ! (Yes, another god damn ice cream centred holiday)

I literally said that to the cashier

Then Kathleen and I shared one Au Natural Coconut Whip Soft serve (we shared one so we could save room for the vegan gelato a block away)

To be honest, it was a bit meh and even more pathetic, my teeth have been super sensitive from having to use a new toothpaste instead of my usual Sensodyne so it was half painful

But I am glad we checked  it out – lovely place, lovely service, lovely time and lovely company

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