August 28 – Day 240

Totally “phoning this one in” as they say:

Here is Duncan, perched on the arm of the couch, and then digitally manipulated by an app to appear to be wearing this bright green bow tie.

It’s the best I could do, National Bow Tie Day, get off my back

August 27 – Day 239

Welcome to National Banana LOVERS Day

If you don’t love Bananas, GTFO

Also if you were looking for regular National Banana Day, click here (.. and that was like 130 days ago,  weirdo)

So healthy
So portable
So good with chocolate, peanut butter, and or ice cream…

…and so beautiful

Real bananas have curves

August 26 – 238

National Dog Day

My dogs are like Kahleesi’s dragons to me.

Although one can’t listen (due to deafness) and the other makes a conscious choice not to listen (due to assholeness), these dogs are my world and I wouldn’t trade them for a hundred million dollars or world peace or anything

August 25 – Day 237

When I think of Whiskey Sours, I recall my first year university days, a blurred stage of constant underaged drinking and feigned abject poverty purveyed to my parents to fund aforementioned underage drinking. Myself and my two best buddies at the time, Rod and Louie, would drink Wiser’s Whiskey and Lime Crush

I reflect on that time and that ‘cocktail’ and like to think the beginning of my refining my palette for the Whiskey Sour Cocktail we all know and love today

For National Whiskey Sour Day, I DIY’d it, as a lot of placed put egg whites in it and that is straight up sick.

It was simply the combination of

  • 2 oz whiskey
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • tablespoon of simple syrup

Garnished with a lime

I sat back and drank this with the company of Duncan.
Although he is my favourite company of all, I couldn’t help but feel a little nostalgic for the days of yore and Rod and Louie’s company and sense of humour and the foolishness of university life in general.
Being back in school as a ‘mature’ student, is undoubtedly not the same.



August 24- Day 236

International Burger Day !

This is one of those holidays I would compartmentalize in the ‘recurring’ category.   This guy has been showing up under slightly different guises ( see National Veggie Burger Day  and National Hamburger Day and pending National Cheeseburger Day ) and I keep falling for it.




This was my first time at Tera V Burgers , which is just a few blocks away and entirely vegan and I was always curious about but could never commit.

I nabbed this guy before heading to see one of my ALL time favourite bands, The Descendents. ( ALL in all caps is a clever pun if you are familiar with their discography and side projects but I’m presuming no one reading this is.. mainly because I’m presuming no one is reading this, Sean Spicer Period).

It was great – both the burger then the show. One of those days that’s easy to celebrate



August 23 – Day 235

National Sponge Cake Day 

Because it is not my ‘cake of choice’, shall we say, I opted for the lazy man’s method of celebrating this often overlooked holiday

Popped into the local grocery store and picked up a box of Twinkies

I think I may have had a Twinkie or two in the past, but it was most assuredly not a regular part of my diet or childhood, and I was quite curious to see if they were as putrid as my memory painted them.

The jarring, teeth aching sweetness was harmoniously balanced with the putrid flavours of sulfuric acid and ethylene!

My memory served me well, this time, it seemed.

After eating one and photographing the rest, I promptly put them in the Food Bank, a true hero.

Apparently they have beef in them, so they aren’t even vegetarian, for the record. Gag. ( I found this out after eating one, by the way)

Happy National Sponge Cake Day !!


August 22 – Day 234

Fucking National Eat A Peach Day people

I mean, the pictures look amazing though

… almost as though

….you’d never know 

… that there were no ripe peaches to be had so I had to buy this hard as rock mother fucker just to hack it up then throw it in the garbage for this stupid blog, eh?

August 21 – Day 233

For National Poet’s Day, I drudged up from the darkness the poem “Gone From My Sight” by Henry Van Dyke to share with you all


My dad’s lifelong friend, Derrick, gave him a book with this poem in it when Sarah died.

I remember him reading it to the clergy woman who was going to run Sarah’s funeral when we were trying to ‘plan’ it (disaster)

My father reading this poem to the women who was to lead his daughters funeral was one of the most profoundly saddest moments of my life

Then during the ceremony, Sarah’s best friend Anne-Marie was the one who read it to the congregation and it came across much more jovial and less tragic, likely because the ceremony was so  ridiculous

Sarah’s mother in law and her undiagnosed histrionic personality disorder had suggested ‘Canon in D major’ or some shit as a song for the ceremony because according to her, two year old Rowan, who’s actual favourite song at the time was Chandelier by Sia, said it was ‘her favourite piece of music’. So they played it on a cassette player and it was scratchy as fuck and insane

There was also a keyboardist stuffed into the middle of the crowd who couldn’t play  and all the songs seriously sounded like this

And then we all went to Jungle Jim’s for nachos and it was the weirdest experience of my life.

August 20 – Day 232

National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day!!

Lordy Lordy

Went to this obscure place because Yelp told me to and I have blind faith


Brought it home, ate it, and then proceeded to die from sugar crash. That’s why this post is so late y’all. For real.